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  1. I'm not saying they're not wins. But in terms of points and distinguishing track records, winning the lip sync is a cut above just being top 2. Otherwise why bother lip syncing at all.

  2. Oh I see, imo it just means you have more money😂

  3. Okay but like if a LSFY Life matters in terms of track record (btm 2 vs. elim) then a LSFY Legacy should hold the same weight (top 2 vs. winner)

  4. I mean in terms of scoring btm2 and elim count as the same (0 points), btm2 just means you get the opportunity to stay and get more points next week. Just as winning the lipsync means you have more money and maybe are viewed better by fans.

  5. I agree, I feel bad cause I didn’t realize how I loved her and was rooting with her til the finale when I needed her to win.

  6. Some fantastic snatch games this year!!! I actually really enjoyed Icesis and Ra’Jah’s even if everyone around them was bad. Baga’s has really grown on me. Trinity and Jinkx were amazing. I love when a queen just does gibberish for Snatch Game. So Hannah slayed. And yeah Cheddar was very funny. Her laugh as the queen.

  7. Completely unrelated but how is the lighting here so much better than on Canada Vs. the world? The light there is at all times at maximum and you can see everything and everybody.

  8. Literally!! Idk what is up with the lighting.

  9. Idk if it’s cheating to say the All Stars 7 Top 4? Lol. Honestly I think UK 4’s Top 4 is very strong. Season 9’s. Season 5’s. They’re all so strong. Hard to narrow it down.

  10. Surprised that UK 4 is in your list. I mean if we talk about top 2 only, Cheddar and Danny are probably among the strongest ever, but Black Peppa was really weak throughout the season.

  11. I agree, but it’s the fact that we get 4. Cheddar and Danny are amazing, Peppa is amazing at lipsyncing and destroying a runway, and Jonbers is a drag chameleon who is going to pull through and shock people.

  12. Love that I can count on you to spill the tea and not unnecessarily disregard and disrespect Ru unlike the rest of the fandom who loves to tear her down

  13. Genuinely! She’s the reason we have the show and was a queer trailblazer and disruptor! I truly don’t understand the hate.

  14. i don’t think she’d be able to do her own makeup tho, or her own wigs. all of her stuff would be commissioned and wigs predone.

  15. Like most queens on drag race nowadays 😭

  16. The fact that Juju, Manila, Raja, Kimmy, and Priyanka are pretty much the only examples of Asian queens doing well on drag race. . . Like season 14 didn’t even have any Asian queens. . .

  17. Visually this game is so beautiful as well. The bugs are definitely horrible but it’s still so fun and honestly just hilarious tbh. Like a buggy game can be fun. This game feels ambitious. We already know game freak is incompetent. We saw that with gen 8, at least they actually tried this time and made a really good game even if rushed and not optimized.

  18. Yeah she definitely has a different energy? It reminds me of when Monét came back for AS4. Monét is one of my fav queens ever and I loved her on S10 and later AS7, but for some reason on AS4 even though I was rooting for her and liked her irl, I don’t think she came across well that season. I can’t verbalize exactly why, but it’s the same way I feel about Victoria on this season.

  19. Yeah, I should have probably kept it with spoiler tag but normally I try to take it off as soon as I’m allowed cuz I worked hard on it lol

  20. This episode was so good even though if I’m really the girls didn’t do that well😂but they were entertaining the whole time. RaJahs confessionals never disappoint and Icesis telling Stephanie she isn’t funny was hilarious

  21. Generally the episodes with more queens are better to watch. Keep more queens on for longer to limit the number of challenges with 6 or less.

  22. Really? I disagree. I like when they narrow it down and we can focus on our main characters

  23. The takeaway is the Northern Irish queens are the best ever yes yes it’s true it’s true


  25. horrendous reading challenge, pitiful snatch game... also pls tell me victoria is going home soon??

  26. Victoria kind of rubbed me the wrong way this episode. She acted like Stephanie had used a slur and called her out in front of everyone. I’ve been rooting for her but she had a different energy this episode to me.

  27. Well that the whole point the use of the word “fishy” is offensive to some AFAB performers. I think the discussion is important. But i don’t know if a discussion was able to be had because Victoria already had it in her mind that the use of the word “fishy or fish” at all is bad. So i don’t think the queens were able to have a full discussion about it. It gets a little more confusing when Victoria mentions her “three holes” making a joke out of her vagina. I feel like “fishy” is similar, it’s just a joke in referring to femininity.

  28. That’s how I felt, I feel like she made a lot of vagina jokes this episode😭

  29. I think it’s a very solid season. After season 3 that felt like it had a twist every week which for me was fun, but this season is a return to form with the only twist being a double save and I guess girl groups episode 2. The organic gag of baby quitting was actually surprising. Jonbers making it so far is a a storyline I love to see. Makes the competition feel real when someone pulls out something you don’t expect. I think Dakota should have gone further as she was my fav. Then after she left my favs were Jonbers and Danny

  30. Alyssa says it’s the only thing she’ll come back for and she really wants to do it. She calls herself the all American queen and really wants to rep America.

  31. I’ll be honest she has all star winner energy. I feel like Lawrence just has a more distinct main season winner energy

  32. Her and Spankie winning this year has been everything. They were both my picks

  33. I loved her storyline. I really loved her personality, but I thought there was no way she was making the finale. But she genuinely is one the only queens who actually applied critiques and got so much better throughout the season. I feel like Crystal Methyd is one of the only other ones.

  34. Chad Michaels and Cheddar Gorgeous literally have the exact same pipeline.

  35. Tbh they loved Cheddar, but I kinda got that vibe in the finale.

  36. i believe cynthia got cut on a light bulb after robbie roller skated into it or something like that

  37. I mean that’s how Pokémon has always been though, the complaints about this game are valid, but people are acting like this isn’t the most innovative Pokémon games we’ve ever had with the most quality of life additions😂.

  38. All TMs/Ride Pokémon are in one, You can now make TMs, You can auto heal your Pokémon, you can automatically set different Pokémon as leads, Follow Pokémon are back, You can automatically reteach Pokémon old moves you skipped over, stuff like that.

  39. I think people are being too critical of these games (which I NEVER thought I’d say about a Pokémon game😭). It’s just at this point idk why people are shocked about bugs. Like after Gen 8 that should be expected. Game freak is incompetent. The same people who defended Gen 8 to their core are the ones hating on this game. When I’m my opinion this is the most inventive and risk taking Pokémon game we’ve had in years. And despite the bugs, the most fun I’ve had with a new Pokémon game in a while.

  40. Jimbo didn't win... He was top two. Same with Rita, she was top two.

  41. Y’all have gotta stop with that it’s literally the same format as any other all stars😂😂

  42. Ok then it's the same for the rest..aside from Yara, India and latrila, the rest were all "top 2 all stars of the week" with only one winning.

  43. They win the lip sync both win the challenge

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