1. Is this a shitpost 💀 ( btw the arts Amazing though and happy pride month! )

  2. the foxy being high part is! i made it for 4/20 back in april and it's been my icon on my discord since then and since im trans i made a pride variant for myself to celebrate

  3. I didn't say that it was a magical switch or it was easy. Why are you suddenly being a jackass?

  4. i apologize i just assumed you were being rude. and swing just chill out came off as i could just instantly stop doing it

  5. some subreddits are very cruel so i always am on edge. especially when it comes to neurodivergency

  6. my trauma response to setting boundaries. as a child i wasn’t allowed to have any sort of boundary and if i tried it was just anger and ignorance of my parents

  7. hey i go through the same thing fairly often and it’s taken years of learning and communication. i’m an artist and several of my original characters were me expressing my alters before i knew it. not to mention i “split” my main characters into different personalities of myself to understand myself better before i knew i was a system.

  8. If this is too personal, you& don’t have to respond but is Altair by chance a fictive from Altair im Sternenland?

  9. they are not the only introjects listed is the garden subsystem the rest don’t front enough to don’t want to be public

  10. oh, valid!! Are they an Omori introject? (if you're willing to say, if not that's alright, we just also have many Omori fictives)

  11. yeah they are, one is headspace basil, one is faraway town basil and one is black space basil.

  12. Yeah I agree. my biggest issue with using Picrews is you can't really change the proportions of the character - and a lot of us have different body types and proportions

  13. adding to the drawing thing you can find free to use bases as well also with different proportions like you were wanting. luckily we’re artists so all of us can just draw ourselves

  14. Yeah that's also an option. I envy the ability to do art. I've tried to learn but it caused me so much stress and I got discouraged so quickly every time :/

  15. my roommate goes through a similar struggle so i’ve done some art and ref sheets of their alters as well.

  16. anymore than 3 people fronting is exhausting for us. 3 is functional we can do 5 but only if it’s all the hosts together since they all kinda function really well together.

  17. Maybe you are elderly? IBS can happen for elderly but if you are young it’s completely BS

  18. lmao you’re kidding right? my asshole begs to differ. it’s more common in elderly people but people can still have ibs and be young

  19. I'm laughing my ass off that someone that has IBS and landed a job in the bakery. LMAO

  20. it didn’t start acting up so badly until the harassment got so bad that my stress was at max every day so it was almost always happening. 🥲🥲🥲

  21. i struggle with this too. one of my system friends has recommended the term polyfragmented and we are happy with this label

  22. Absolutely! It‘s also important to call such people out on their bad behaviours, to show them, that such views are not wanted in this community. I hope they can adapt another view on this matter and hopefully grow up to be a more inclusive and better person. After all, we non-binary folks just want to be accepted and included and that‘s not a big request 🙃

  23. thank you guys for all the nice comments! i’m gonna continue limiting myself and try to slowly make it a special occasion kind of thing!

  24. Hey, I had to remove this post. I'm sorry about your experiences with self harm Twitter. We try to avoid discussions of it so that other users don't go check it out bc of curiosity and get sucked into it. Stay safe!

  25. that’s fair. i wanted to try to share my experience to deter people as well

  26. I wanted to name him the one who watches but it didn’t fit so I named him “the watcher” in greek

  27. if you’ve got a microwave they have sausage bites over by meat dept. at least in my store. and then those just crack an egg things

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