1. Mine insists on having to be closer to me than my other dog 🤣 he'll literally climb on top the pillows in bed if it means he gets to be closer

  2. Mine likes to cuddle however he is a puppy right now so that could change overtime lol

  3. Like, do you have a stable working schedule, or is it sliding? I'm just curious.

  4. Oooo yesss, I don’t drink much anymore as I got put on Prozac and that makes me a light weight 😅

  5. I can understand that. What is your favorite thing to drink?

  6. Yessss! All the time. Sometimes I make up fantasies and talk them out loud..

  7. I just requested mine and received them within a day. I did say that I was transferring to a new provider, which is true. I also wanted to see my diagnosis on paper for myself. I know my new provider would request them, but I wanted to see for myself. Perhaps it’s the state or country laws where you live that prevent the release of records? I would check that out. I’m in Washington State.

  8. Are you in the US? HIPAA states you are allowed access to your records, and that your provider can charge a reasonable cost for copying and mailing.

  9. I mean if he's really just a friend and your boyfriend is fine with it I don't see a problem. People are pretty shady in FL, so do be careful.

  10. Agreed. It feels like social media brings out the worst part of ourselves and feeds into insecurities. Thankfully I deleted all my socials except reddit, and I'm honestly appalled when I think back at how much I used to use Facebook/Twitter/Instagram a few years back

  11. Seriously I deleted social media and got it back but was instantly triggered and then deleted it all again.

  12. The people on this thread are extremely nice and I love coming here!! But I know there are some threads where people can be ducking assholes for no reason 😒

  13. Diagnosis with BP1 first at 17 after a few years of me not getting any better got a second opinion and they diagnosed me with BPD at 23

  14. I really hate when someone says "everyone goes through their regular ups and downs, you are no different."

  15. I work full time at a pretty rough and hard job. Has a high rate of mental illness already so I have to be extra careful especially already being mentally ill. This is how I personally cope with work-I make sure to do whatever the fuck I want when I’m off and by that I mean if I wanna read, I’ll read. Nap, I’ll nap. Don’t force yourself to “be productive” cuz you’ll end up being exhausted at work and wanting to quit. When I find myself wanting to quit I remember what it was like to be unemployed. No money, more depressive, etc. in regards to waking up, I set alarms like every minute lol so I’m so annoyed that I’ll have to wake up. Idk if this is the answer you wanted, sorry if I misunderstood what you were asking lol but best of luck!

  16. Omg thank you so much you definitely gave me the answers I was looking for!

  17. I've heard putting alarm clock on other side of room so it forces you to get up helps. I don't have a lot of solutions but just wanted to say congratulations on your new job and I hope it all goes well for you!

  18. If it doesn’t have nicotine you won’t get addicted. But that’s only looking at it from a scientific standpoint, coz you’re not smoking anything that can actually cause an addiction, however you’ll enjoy vaping and would probably do it quite often making it a habit, even without nicotine

  19. I work full time in accounting. For me, I think the structure of the job helps keep me on track. Going to therapy and staying on my meds also really helps.

  20. I've been a server for like two years now on and off. I've worked during manic episodes and depressive episodes. When I'm not in the best headspace and need to go to work I imagine it as if I'm playing a video game. I don't know why, but it really helps. I think because it makes the tasks feel like they have less consequences if I mess up, so I stay way less stressed.

  21. For me, those symptoms would indicate I'm in a mixed episode. I'm usually easily overstimulated and quick to anger, but don't have enough energy or depression to be in a full hypomanic or depressive episode. Through journalling & mood tracking, I've found that anger/overstimulation is a MAJOR indicator I'm in a mixed episode.

  22. I used to mood track when I was in therapy but my therapist upset with something she sad and dropped her that was like 3 months ago still haven’t found a new therapist nor has the anger gone away..

  23. No insight just can empathize. When I get in depressive episodes being quick to anger is one of my traits. I have to exercise 3-4 times a week, eat healthy, and sleep well every night in addition to meds and therapy or I can’t even hope to stay stable.

  24. Oh wow really? How often is it that one of those things is off and your mood starts to change?

  25. I'm sorry you feel that way. I, on the other hand think it's a blessing. People leave you alone.

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