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  1. The only way to deal with that is to drop games that promote this. The only reason EA keeps doing these things is because people give them money. So sad as would be I would drop rocket league immediately, right after I bought some coolness.

  2. But do you play on wifi? Most people I see claim they have the best internet possible for their situation completely invalidate it by using wifi. Packet loss like this isn't really a speed problem, it's stability which is often easily solved with ethernet.

  3. So I play on ethernet 100/100 connection in large city (for Denmark) I have had no issues in the past with latency, and my ms is around 15-35. These last couple of months I have seen so much lag, it's not all the time, but I see ot much more frequently than before. When it happens it is most often not only me.

  4. I’m only toxic when my teammates throw or are so bad that there is no way they’re in the same rank as me. Of course I always make mistakes in a game so I usually have some patience early in the game as long as they do.

  5. And do you feel like that's a constructive way of handling things? Everyone can have a bad game, that means a lot of mistakes; the game after they bounce back. If not for kindness sake, I think that mindset quickly devolves into a negative spiral so you just end up having bad games after another.

  6. Toxicity is an art form. The ability to confuse and frustrate someone simply by changing gameplay or through quick chat is the most gratifying feeling other than a woman sitting on your face. And when posts like this acknowledge our skill… icing on the cake.

  7. Well the toxicity seems more like uncontrolled emotional outbursts than a mere controlled attempt at tilting someone. If you are then saying that your toxicity is actually trolling, I am genuinely concerned that there is some sort of pathology involved.

  8. For a year and a half. These posts physically pain me.

  9. But how many hours do you have? I have 1000 hours on steam and maybe 100 on an alt account (not a smurf just not a grind account) I finally reached C3 reaching c1 for the first time in s3.

  10. Well you are already better than the 10k hours gold that sunless made a video on 😃

  11. Why do you "What a save" after a shot like that?

  12. towards my tm8 bc he what a saves me

  13. It came of more as toxic towards your opponents, did he what a save you from the first goal. It didn't show that in the clip.

  14. Even though smurfs are annoying, I get it. I run into them from time to time, and they halt any good grind. However, how are you supposed to play with lower ranked friends?

  15. It is quite normal for players to have a lower 1s rank than 2s or 3s. Maybe that GC does not play 1s much.

  16. I have met a wide variety of ranks in diamond 1s rank. My funniest two happened right after eachother: A gc wrecked me I am c2 in 2s. Then I went up against a plat and he raged about me being champ when he was only plat, not knowing that I had just been blown to smithereens by a gc.

  17. I flew some vfr circuits to practice the phraseology. And logon and listen for a while, so you get used to the flow.

  18. This only works when only one runway is active and not even than. We often assign different Sids than some planning programs give you. I have so many pilots reading back a completly different sid than I gave them. Just listen to the controller.

  19. In uk where I have flown primarily (I am still a newb) I have not been given a different sid than what I was expecting. It helps when you fly a smaller airport where there is only one active and from that you can from your direction have narrowed down the possible sids.

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