1. Oh I get it, but Via what mechanisms? Strongly worded letters and public denouncing. They cannot contest it via sea, they would have to weigh sanctions against their own economies. Sanctions against China are worth it, in their view, to contain an active conflict against one of their partner countries which they are very much balls deep. However, There is no world where a shot is fired in anger on Russias behalf and there is no physical way for the US to stop such a move outside of direct conflict. If you think that invading Russia would cause America to stop business in China, I’ve got a batch of fentanyl to sell you.

  2. I would question whether the west would need to intervene, if we're being honest. Occupations are hard. Very hard. I'm hesitant to assume that the people currently living in those areas are going to just roll over and be okay with Chinese tanks rolling into their home town. Are we certain that the Chinese economy can sustain an occupation like that? If they're planning to use it as a training ground for an amphibious invasion of Taiwan, are we certain it can sustain BOTH?

  3. I didn't follow the Atomic Heart thing that closely, so maybe I missed something. Best I can tell is that people got mad that a company with significant number of employees in Russia didn't make a firm statement condemning the invasion of Ukraine which... makes sense to me? It's easy to demand that people condemn their government's actions from the comfort of a country with protections for the freedom of speech. Hell, having employees from other countries make statements like that can be a bit risky for anyone living in Russia. I just have a hard time blaming a Russian populace that has less control over whether the war continues than the American populace over the continuation of Iraq or Afghanistan.

  4. Seems like a good way to have everyone hyper focus on you til you’re dealt with. I could see it working with some type of reverse uno deck.

  5. Becoming a contrarian center of attention that bugs the heck out of people by dismantling their cool alternate wincons feels very on flavor.

  6. The typical pattern is to wait for a season to wrap before announcing the next one. This is the best selling guilty gear so I'd be dumbfounded if we didn't get at least 1 more season.

  7. Nah, "you are carried by character" is just how scrubs cope with not knowing matchup.

  8. Exactly this. Sure, some characters are a bit easier to pick up and do SOMETHING with because their gameplan is more straightforward, but that doesn't mean you can just pick Ram and put in no work to get good results. There's still a lot of learning involved. You still learn matchups, you still gotta refine your answers to problems, etc. When people complain about being carried, it usually happens when they lose and don't want to learn the matchup.

  9. This ruins any format it touches. Asymmetrical show and tell that is also a cast for that emrakul extra turn was already crazy good. Now you want it to be a tutor as well? One that effectively costs 2? While also having the option to filter?

  10. I have her as a 2nd because all my waifus wear hats. Also, I like halfscreen normals with lots of active frames. She's basically the perfect woman.

  11. What I want to know is how do you get a job as a propagandist? You’re literally just making shit up, and getting paid ludicrous amounts of money to spew it.

  12. Typically, you were already in media or government.

  13. Tough love. Either she learns to keep it out of school, or she learns the art of stealth. Win-win.

  14. If nobody catches her, she's earned it. How likely is that? Eh, not the most likely seeing as she'd need some pubescent boys to keep their mouths shut about it instead of showing off to each other.

  15. Fair enough, lmao. As a former child, pubescent boys are indeed incapable of keeping their mouths shut.

  16. They're good kids. Just need to figure stuff out. Part of that process, unfortunately, frequently involves being an annoying dick for a while.

  17. Personally, I prefer xrd. It's not THAT much harder than strive.

  18. Ok, I'm relatively new here, so I'd be interested to hear how wrong I am on this. Aren't both of these kinda just worse attack helicopters, at least in terms of being slow and low options to support the ground? To be fair, I'm not familiar with costs associated with helicopters vs. these planes, so maybe there's the key difference. It just feels from a layman's perspective like they've been shoehorned into a role that a helicopter is just better at.

  19. Remember, everyone: somewhere among this mess,

  20. Actually, I screwed up and only did strive and Xrd. Just straight didn't add +r for some reason. Feels bad but it happens.

  21. Psh ah nothing a an hour or two on Faust's operating table can't fix. Medical licenses are overrated

  22. Just found out about this and read the whole saga so far. So cool! This is truly what FGs are about!

  23. I'll occasionally RC for a bigger conversion but supers aren't that common. Faust's supers in +r are kinda... underwhelming. Item super's alright and I'll do that from time to time, but the other one is pretty garbo. Bad reversal, chance to not work even if it does hit, leaves you vulnerable until the heat death of the universe on block, it's just not a move you want to use that much.

  24. 6th grade is elementary in my district, so all of them. However, I am one of the math specialists in my building.

  25. I, too, don't understand the passage of time. That's why I maintain that the United States is just a bunch of British colonies that are only pretending to be a new government. That's how they'll get us.

  26. Bold of you to assume they have more than a couple prototypes

  27. I was going to say that as well. I'll set aside my questions on the effectiveness of the tech. If you can show them being made in the numbers they need, then I'll bring back my questions about effectiveness.

  28. Yeah. I was crazy busy last night after work. I just posted the update.

  29. Something I'm curious about: do all the kids play on stick? Do you just have 2 sticks with you and let the kids use those and go nuts against each other?

  30. The complaints never changed since the first gameplay reveal in 2019. Just because we knew (then and now) how they intend do reduce character's moveset to a minimum, doesn't mean you should get used to and be content with it.

  31. I agree with you, but I still think Strive brings a lot to GG. It's a nice ramp for new players to get into gear in particular. How many people tried strive, liked it, abd are going back to check out xrd with rollback that wouldn't have done so without strive being a place to learn fundamentals in the context of an anime fighter?

  32. I'd argue for 3, because you still get dunked on by any number if cheap sweepers.

  33. He said that our whole Industry and Economy had collapsed cause we have no natural gas left.

  34. It's almost like he can't differentiate between people griping because that's a normal thing to do and the complete collapse of a society.

  35. Tbf the only time Joseph relied on luck was in the final fight with perfect Kars when his hand got shot up

  36. Yeah. And the only time faust relied on luck was strive when his move set got shot up. It's on brand.

  37. Bring back pogo Faust cowards

  38. 3 mana clones that can only clone your own stuff, granted 9/10 times thats likely to be the case with this clone.

  39. True, but cloning you opponent's stuff is sometimes just what you need.

  40. I miss those old saying flavor texts. It always made the setting feel more complete despite adding remarkably little. Or I'm just not removing nostalgia goggles. Either may be true.

  41. Given the enormous popularity of the monthly "6th grade +R meta" posts, if you could add some insightful/humorous commentary, this could catch on.

  42. Thanks for the mention. I would've missed this otherwise. This kid's doing the lord's work. Spreading the word of daisuke and all. Edit: I haven't watched the video but commentary is so much harder than it looks. Also funny commentary at new players can be offputting to the newbies, even lighthearted stuff can feel extra mean when you're struggling with something new. As for analysis, I have a feeling that papa sajam will be doing something with this in the near future. Just seems like it's his sorta deal.

  43. man... one of these days we gotta bout together. +r teacher vs xrd student

  44. When xrd rollback drops, I'm game. My area isn't exactly known for having outstanding internet infrastructure. I never gave xrd enough time and would like to sctually do so.

  45. Yes, but this takes up one space in your hand where otherwise 2 would be needed, increasing the consistency

  46. This needs another card to work. It takes 2 spots in your hand. It's a significantly less consistent berserk in most use cases.

  47. In legacy you're probably right (albeit a worse Berserk may still just be good enough to be played alongside the original), but in modern you usually need 3 pump spells for a T2 kill, unless it's Scale Up specifically (Become Immense not having enough fodder that early).

  48. So worse scale up? I think it's fine. You also can't use this with scale up, so it may not see play beyond a 1 of because of that. At least in infect. I don't know what other deck would even be into using this except as janky sorcery speed removal to get around indestructible.

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