This Homeless man's rabbit was thrown over a bridge by a passerby and he immediately jumped into the river to save her. He won an award, was given animal food and a job, and the passerby was charged with animal cruelty.

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  1. Not much I can’t make it actually work bc my state is dumb and doesn’t allow ghost guns so I gotta keep it like this

  2. i betcha any durn thing if you put a touch hole on that sucker and throw in 120 grain of pyro p. and a damn handfull of steel bbs and a wick from a m80. you could clear a gotdurn hallway of any dang thing breathin

  3. i made a plunger tool for my lil 1860 pimp gun out of a lavatory sink pop up drain rod. but mostly i load the cylinders out of the frame and seat the lead with my vice and a dish towel buffer to save scratches

  4. when women are communicating to you their feelings ,it may not always be in order or make sense in the order in which it is given. this is perfectly normal,because as a man, the order which we perceive to be correct or incorrect is an illusion .you cannot expect a woman to express herself as you would.she is not a man and will not think as a man and any man who expects her to do so is and will be very very sadly mistaken also very disappointedin himself for overlooking this fact and causing confusion in the relationship

  5. when he gets to the detention facility the other inmates will probably fuck him like rabbits hehehhehe

  6. jesus i may as well fuckin eat my fuckin revolver ,im so far in to my rabbit hole after 2 years daily i mean fuck it nobody gives a fucking shit anyway the only person in my life who doesnt know about me and meth us my mother and the second she finds out she aint gonna care about me either so whats the goddamned point ,there aint no way out for me now except this

  7. look here take a small socket and a dremel tool with a reinforced cutting wheel cut the socket in the shape of the nipple wrench use a file or a dremel stone to make the improv fit well and put that socket on the socket wrench and voila u have a nipple wrench that wont strip

  8. tell him that you wanna last longer in his wifes mouth because you are embarassed about last time

  9. Bro I would love to see it but you need. 3fg powder. #10 or#11 caps and either .454 or .457 rnd ball. And same cal wonder wads. U don't gotta have the wads but is in proper form to use them. Also a nipple wrench and pick which you are going to use each time you reload to clean the channel for proper ignition. Pyro p can be compressed but trip 7 should not be use clear nail polish to paint on your caps. For retention purposes and water proof .457 will be a more compressive shot in my opinion and .454 will be a easier target load most chainfires happe n from loose moving balls and caps ejecting from recoil. They are not common but do can and will happen. If you have a misfire continue down range muzzle control and carefully re cap and fire

  10. uhhhhh that iss truue onlllly 10 statessss un the lowerrrrr 40 are theyyyyy nonnnnn firearmssssss

  11. there are more states than not where percussion weapons are state considered firearms.

  12. You are the one with downvotes while I have upvotes…..

  13. your either 12 or you dont get much pussy or both grow up downvotes who gives a fuck about votes

  14. You’ve gotten very angry over this. Was it worth it bud?

  15. Are you flattening the can before stamping it? I had a similar issue but once I flattened the can strip they turn out nice 99 percent of the time. I've made probably a thousand or so with the prime all, they work great.

  16. your punching to hard also clean excess aluminum scrap from the teeth also try aluminum pie plate and also try brass leaf or triple layer copper leaf

  17. the telescopes are the only early warning system they can fathom since no one not even the son knows the day or the hour

  18. depends on what your cylinder is firing if im not mistaken most coversion cylinders fire the cowboy ammo soft lead but im thinkin that maybe some also fire .45 conventional rounds and you gona want a chrome lined barrel for them or the jackets will ruin your swizzle stick

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