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  1. Well that's one way to light a camp fire. Looks like fun. I was thinking about something similar with a 1858 navy.

  2. I'm not sure that the .36 would be a effective belly gun. But I could be wrong. I have a .36 with a 5 inch barrel and it lacks what I like to refer to as thud

  3. I didn’t mean to slight your masculinity by shorting your barrel. lol

  4. U know I have a barrel from a pietta frankengun that I shot to pieces long ago I bet I could make it fit on the frame of this asm and then I would have a switch out

  5. It worked for me in a vivid dream where a shape-shifting Grey. Started out as a house cat and in about 15 seconds and while covering 40 ft distance towards me changed through 20 different animals ending with the Grey and gashes its teeth at the name of Jesus right when it was on me and it fled I woke up crying. It was totally fucked. It's probly cause they arent aliens like we think. They were and are already here. The cast outs

  6. .replica 31 cal Remington pocket pistol. I'm fairly sure that is supposed to fire with 4fg black powder. But I myself have never seen any in any store I've ever been to. I don't know if it would achieve it's full potential if you fed it pyrodex p which is 3fg but if it were mine I would surely try. probly worth a solid 300 at least. Considering the times even in brass and even though it's asm who is long out of business. Don't stress the internals because you won't easily find asm parts and any parts you find won't be cheap and substitute parts won't fit correct and will need smithed by you or someone else to be fit

  7. If you evap the solvent you will precipitate everything you dont want .avoid this by doing a water wash and evap then a 100 wash and air dry

  8. Yeah but not the 100 % dollar store stuff the100% shit from Lowes in the can and after the wash I do a slo melt and a fast back then u gonna get pussy

  9. It was my first time. Gotta start with something sometime. The asm was as good as any. It shoots nice hits hard and is true to the sights. A bit loud tho

  10. I did then I crowned it myself with hand files and Drexel tool with sphere stone bit

  11. i read a book a long long time ago called the RAVENS the secret war in laos that mentions red berets

  12. it was a tactic used to make people talk,unfortunately the Vietnamese couldnt and wouldnt talk ,sure they like peace ,sure the want to be left alone ,but their kids man ,their kids were easily influenced by the cong ,and the nva ,some cash some clothes and sum gear and all the sudden you were soldier with a cause . either that or the cong would catch the young men and women outside the vill and either kill them or take them or torture them for refusing anything at all. so this alone was enough non cooperation to basicaly frustrate the shit out of the grunts and gi's in the shit. after being fucked with nasty traps and double crossed by mis information and greedy village leaders i can see why some huts burned the funny Vietnamese barber cutting the hair of young marines inside the qire of a fire base ,very well was the vc outside the wire at night planting toe poppers,and bouncing bitches on and off the trails .either that or walking the base interior and counting footsteps to help dial in mortars in the evening

  13. lemme correct you yankee . the US would catch young men and shot them in the face so later he wont join the VC because they have killed his entire family first , rape young girls and kill her afterwards . tortue people for refusing leaving their home and paddy fields . labbel it as casualties and repeat . no need to spread fake propaganda CIA officals we all know Vietcong are Southerners and it sounds stupid to kill their own families and neighbors . GIs deserved all of it and Vietnam vets who glorifys the war are sons of bitches

  14. everybody know vc answer to northern aggressors everybody know vc work for big big devil also everybody know a vc kill his own momma for a big ball of heroin

  15. no i think that because most cant see them that i understand why you would think that but no its actually for real i didnt ask to see them i just happened to by chance i guess

  16. buddy i take pieces of scrap metal out to my garage and use a bench grinder to make most of my parts hell i take used sawzall blades and grind them into revolver mainsprings

  17. That looks really good! Nice job man!

  18. Don’t get irritated at this question or statement, whatever it ends up being.

  19. personally i dont reenact, i like it because it takes away the glint of light from big nasty when i pull in the dark

  20. So not sure what you’re using but, if you’re using vinegar like I did, heads up. As it Oxidizes to give it that pimp patina look, vinegar also removes copper from the brass making it brittle. Now it depends on how much you remove and how much you leave it in there. Long story short, broke my trigger guard on my griswold had to get Another. :finger guns:

  21. "I'm not a Christian" you say immediately after describing the exact belief system of Christianity...sure...

  22. no i dont strive to live christ like at all, i believe ,thats it .christian is a made up baloney money grabbin pay to pray and not mentioned in the holy bible at all

  23. You may not identify as one, but, anthropologically speaking, you are a Christian. The only requirement of being a Christian is to believe in Jesus as Christ, so...

  24. u are correct about the organized money conduit though that was not something that jesus cared for at all

  25. check it out.if you own a dremmel or a bench grinder you could take a used or new blade meant for a Sawzall and you could replicate the main spring in the weapon . a sawzall blade comes with a drilled hole already albeit you may need to make it a bit larger to accommodate the screw but the metal is very flex but stout and works almost perfectly for main springs shave it down until the hammer works as needed ive done this dozens of times to dozens of revolvers

  26. Just so tragic. Seriously. All political bullshit aside. How the fuck can these people live with themselves after this.... just so horrible. The dude wasn’t fighting back! Why would you keep restraining him!? They got what they deserved. Hope prison sucks hard and the get the bottom bunk.

  27. maybe during his escape he had to circumnavigate a large body of water??? thats probably what took him so long to get to the jail

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