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  1. I wonder if you are the first patient they’ve had that’s been shot by a black powder weapon

  2. well they didnt care to try to remove the wad or what was left of it and they were pretty mad when i declined to allow for spleen removal .they actually threw some child size scrubs at me and walked me out of the er and handed me disharge papers and left me to sit on the curb bleeding and calling my family who were otw anyway . when i said no to the procedure they went straight asshole . so i probably was their first muzzle loader gsw but I'll be damned if they gave me a chance to get that part out i dont think they even realized

  3. My original 1849 pocket has an incredibly stiff mainspring. The pins between the cylinders are worn down and gone, but if I lower the hammer between chambers it takes a lot to move it even with no pins. I’m not going to carry it that way. Remingtons have the better safety. The notches are a lot safer than the pins. The hammer has a long way to go before it comes out of the notches.

  4. this is the condition of the gun i was shot by my saftey pin is worn down enough to let the cylinder move possible when it slid out of pocket or snagged coming out of pocket

  5. bro that is sum sick ass thinkin .man that dog bit you because when u are on mushrooms you are not you.simple as that .dope changes you and you want to punish the dog for being scared of a stranger. maybe if you stop being a fucktard and take care of the dog he will be willing to be your partner again. pit bulls are the most loyall friends a person can ever find and they will literally guard you with their own life . i cant even belive i read that shit

  6. looks like a 12 gauge powder scatter gun. if you find that it can be saved equal powder / shot by volume in the 60 to 100 grain grey area . 2fg and i would avoid solid projectiles. use a card cutout over the powder and a cork thinly cut wafer over the shot to keep the load in place. i reckon some #10 or #11 magnum caps oughta get it to movin.

  7. sorry, but no black powder pistols are a "powerhouse" compared to smokeless rounds. plus you aren't getting much expansion with a solid lead projectile.

  8. It's not a question of "being shot by one", it's a question of velocity and feet pounds.

  9. everything you just said about modern gun not jamming or misfiring or malfunctioning is a croc .striker fired semi compacts like a pt111 will by very picky about what rounds it likes to eat unless you retro fit with the stainless recoil spring and striker chanel guide ,also dont forget to polish your loading ramp with your dremel bud maybe a bit of fine grit paper betwixt the trigger rod and polymer to smooth out the horrendous pull on shot 1 also if i may add the rack assist back plate will go a long way to alow you to make it happen with your pinky finger and let it battery clean

  10. Is the reason you had a black powder pistol because you are an otherwise prohibited person? Because if so you’re not getting that gun back.

  11. it was resting on a pin that is between chambers either something in my pocket like a zippo or maybe my cell mashed a cap or it landed crazy because it was a non indexed chamber that fired not the barrel. if that were the case it would have gone through me easy because it was a .457 over 28 grn of 777

  12. It fired out of battery and you want it back? They might be testing it. It did fail.

  13. i want it back because ive done a munden job on it and tuned it for competition. not only that but its a vintage copy its a asm 1963 model and it has a one of a kind eagle star grip at the very least its a expensive wall hanger

  14. suspend the brass in a jar with a lid by use of wire put a cotton tshirt rag in the bottom of jar and pour in a bit of ammonia to wet the rag make sure only to fume the brass no actual contact with the bottom of jar it will black your brass without the danger of the copper removal

  15. so everyone who carries a gun in the bathroom is in need of therapy????? thats probably not gonna go over well with quite a few folks bud . sounds as if you may have a bit of jealousy tucked down in there somewhere .we could always talk about it

  16. I'd love to talk about it! You can talk with me about it as much as you'd like. I'd get genuinely love to try and help you work through some of this and help you out.

  17. first and foremost i own my home and property so i would never move ,second of all where i live has a high amount of home invasion and as of recent kidnapping crimes im a single father with two girls and an elderly mother so of you thought for a second your long drawn out speech made me feel any type of difference well you would be wrong second of all i dont carry a revolver around to poop but i sure do tote a .40 or a 9mm when i go to shower or out into my shop to do whatever it is im working on at the time. no disrespect to you my man but situational awareness is the # 1 defence againt most threats and being that as it may i am very aware of the things going on around our little slice of heaven that we worked so hard to own. we aint got much but what we got we aim to keep. these gang bangers round here dont give much of a warning or any kinda quarter to their victims so i stay ready .im not afraid ,but also i aint stupid do what you do and good day to you sir

  18. The larger ball has more surface contact along the chamber wall. I probably can't explain it well but here goes.. imagine you have a .45 hole and a .450 ball slides in and out. If you use a .454 then a .004 wide ring shaves off and .004 tall ring of the ball is pushing on the chamber. If you use .457 it shaves off .007 wide ring and .007 tall ring of the ball touches the cylinder. The bigger ball you use the longer your "slug" will be. Tolerances probably aren't +/-0.001 so the wiggle room holds the bullet in a bind. If tolerance is like +/- 0.005 your .457 ball might end up as small as .445 in reality. So a .457 x .445 "slug". If you could shove a .500 in there it would be .500 x .450 or whatever your chamber is. Bigger the ball the more it looks like a soup can.

  19. They look off ? They always look like that I think, never had a problem. Currently 2 cylinders are empty, if that is what you meant.

  20. one looked way forward of another thats all it could just be the camera angle .but if u ever have a mover in chamber it can lock your cylinder index ,which is bad bad . a few drips o candle wax will keep em still tho .i usually go .457 for the tighter fit although some say because of the ring it is no tighter than any other ball that shaves .but fact is that sprue up .457 never move in my guns and sprue up .454 slide forward some times . both cut healthy rings so go figure

  21. honestly i saw a pair of similar ones in .44 caliber at a pawn shop in 803 the man was asking 300 for the pair they came in a wooden display box and had a little flask and nipple pick with it so go figure i kinda liked them but i was there for a rifle and didnt have the extra dough . i called back about 2 weeks later to see if they were still available and they had sold them already

  22. .380 1 pound of sub will go maybe 200 balls 777 is gonna bang hot so like 17 grn maybe if pyrodex p maybe 21 grn wad or no wad is the question of the ages you gonna be breaking hand springs and trigger bolt springs so buy a coil of music wire and use a vice and pliers to replicate flat springs and google wire hand springs for your revolver and a nifty video will apear before your eyes and you will savor the macho of the hand wire loop do these things also slixshot nipps are okiedokie with you but they will be 45 dollhairs k

  23. i sleep with my revolvers ,capped and all.the revolver may go off if it hirs the ground at a funny angle but at the same pace ,so will any revolver. i shower with a gun keep your tools on you

  24. everyone knows that the red material in a cci #11 magnum will crumble if applied too hard on a cone in a perfect world we would all have Remington #10 caps instead we are forced to use caps to big ,caps to small . adapt to your world at hand stop living in sesame street ,grow up

  25. You can have an ego or a gun, you shouldn't have both..

  26. bro i gave the dude factual info i dont got anything to prove to anyone im just a avid shooting guy i been shooting for 30 years and capnballin for maybe 11 of those ive experienced most of the mistakes that can be made and i shared my input

  27. dont come to south Carolina cause you will unfortunately get what you are asking for

  28. Machinist here, I hope you got that wound cleaned out. The grit from grinding wheels can cause a horrible infection. Seen it from grinding wounds like that.

  29. yah i scrubbed it out real good and your right i washed out a good amount of alum oxide grit and sand stuff when it flipped over on me i was steadying my left hand on the base of the grinder near the on off switch and i was working the steel with my right hand gripping it with Chanel locks the wheight of it kinda pinned my left to the surface of the dryer i had the grinder sitting on and i had to ditch the pliers and metal and use that hand to grap the machine and chuck it off of me

  30. Oh man I bet scrubbing that out felt wonderful. I'm gonna go bolt mine down now brb

  31. it felt like a cross breed of i wish i never ever shopped at lowes home improvement center and fuck this grinder lets use it for target practice in the morning

  32. i use a wire bristle jag .normally one that ive used the crap out of and all the bristles are flattened down and you are close to throwin that sucker in the trash .dont you can poke it through the the threads and clean in there man

  33. i dont know man im thinking that burned pretty fast..if you mill that some more u may end up with a bunch of flash

  34. put a drop of acetone in to one and gently prod the pad a bit wit a tooth pick then let it dry and try

  35. oil left in chamber will cause a half powered shot.when i was new to this maybe 10 or so years ago i fired several shots at a water heater on a scrap heap only to catch a ricochet .457 dead center of my chest .i shed my shirt to check for a leak faster than the ricochet itself turns out that one chamber had about 10 or 15 grn of unburned powder still formed in chamber on the nipple side soooooo theres that needless to say i started loading my cylinders outside of the gun after copious amount of Q-tips and butane torch drying

  36. back your screws off a 1/16 of a counter clock then see main spring , trigger bolt spring ,hell all of em

  37. could be the little bolt stop arm that contacts the hammer sear grasping it a little hard but you will need to do your homework before you put a stone to it because u must retain its composure but only to tone it up . u gonna break all your flat springs anyway u may as well get u some stainless music wire and a vice and practice making hand loops and trigger bolt springs it will serve you well

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