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  1. I like how 40% of the characters onscreen are mascots. Not all of them - not one of them. Just a random percent. 40%.

  2. i just didnt feel like looding gong ❤️ hes an enigma to me

  3. LMAOOO it was based on that yeah 😂😂😂

  4. thank you 😭🙏 i was worried id get mad at again

  5. yes it is i dyobyu in the fate type moon server

  6. love these idiots 😭🙏

  7. indeed i am 😭😭😭 what asian blood does to a mfer

  8. Can we create a club for masters almost as small as Melusine?

  9. man i hope id be the tallest if that ever happens 🤣🤣🤣

  10. that nudist beach man kill la kill. And i wanna say kitan gurren Lagann and that virgin guy from psg

  11. its okitas ponytail version!! sorry if it wasnt clear 🤣

  12. been thinking of getting either this guy or a model kit... idk whats a better choice... this guy looks like a fun lil lad

  13. Wasn’t it for a bronze rider, not specifically a 1 star?

  14. its specifically a 1 star yeah, and bart is the only one

  15. Wait, I’m sorry I’m confused. Where does it say Bart got a buff? The buffs announced today were Jekyll’s Self-Modification and Vlad (EXTRA)’s Tactics.

  16. they announced a buff for a 1* rider and the only one is bart so

  17. he doessss!!! we stan a loco (moco) king

  18. there is an error.... so sorry folks

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