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  1. I like it. As long as you understand, your friendship will never be what it once was. I had a friend have to decide between me and her boyfriend. (Boyfriend didn't like me) So I walked away. I don't regret it, but we've become friends again, but no where near as close as we used to be. Glad you're talking to a therapist. Its a big step.

  2. I'm not necessarily looking to become friends again, with how I treated her I'll be very surprised to even get a "Fuck You" back. I just want her to know how I feel and that even thought it's a few years late I am sorry and I never got over my mistake

  3. Is there anything you'd change? Add? Remove?

  4. Biggest issue I see with this is Wings would have to recreate his persona. If he continues to be pissy about everything; the new "loyal viewers" will just convert like nearly everyone else. Being good for 4 hours doesn't invalidate the decade of history he has...

  5. That's a fair point... I really just said that so he'd come on the show lol

  6. I always took the people in the sopranos to be the higher ups, they have younger muscle to pull the trigger and hit people

  7. I still think most people in the Sopranos would be a hard fight. Hell look at Tony... Woody isn't beating Tony up

  8. If Danny wasn't such a bitch I'd love chiz to have a "slip up" again and have Brandon and Danny on like he did destiny and dick.

  9. Unlike Destiny and Dick, Danny doesn't have a spine and would leave

  10. He saved all of Kings Landing from an evil guy who wanted to blow the fucker to the moon... I think he might be the truest knight in the story (Ofc Dunk is on a different level though.)

  11. The show is based on Fire and Blood not on Show canon.

  12. Thats not true at all. This is a prequel to the show, it's already been stated that this is not a different universe

  13. Quote George RR Martin for me on this please because I remember he said that the show ending is different from his ending and that this series is based on his books. I do not care what the show writers say.

  14. I think you're confused. Following Fire and Blood and connecting to the show isn't the same as retconning 8 seasons of the predecessor because the last 2 seasons didn't follow how George's ending might look. There is no indication (Exactly the opposite) that this is an all new universe that doesn't connect at all to GOT

  15. Nope, just been working out and burning fat. Ik they'll never disappear but they are no longer purple

  16. Give it time. Always give it time, don't go online and buy tools or creams to help it because it will naturally fill in. As an 18 yr old I'm finding spots filling in my stubble that I didn't have even a week ago

  17. I took a 3 year break from YouTube once. It happens.

  18. Can u plz talk to a doctor and get some meds or treatment also not medical advice btw

  19. Pills aren't my thing, my family has a huge history of addiction on meds and the like and I don't want to take that chance

  20. No advice, just real glad you’re still here!

  21. Thank you friend, it means alot coming from this sub lol

  22. Just looked through your post history. Don't do something stupid over something as unimportant as getting rejected by a girl. Get help and for the love of god don't listen to some dumb podcast on the way out.

  23. That's not the only reason, that's just the straw to my camel. PKA is the only thing now that makes me laugh anyways so it'd be a good ride out

  24. You can always change your surroundings. Again, don't do something stupid because you feel upset right now. You have things to look forward to that will make you grateful that you are still alive.

  25. I was raised to hate myself, I've never been grateful for life

  26. The hard answer, woman want you to be good at something relative to themselves. Of 7 billion+ people why should they choose you? You either have to have a combo of great face, great body, great personality, good character, humor daring adventurous character, achievements, money, and more. You don't need all of them. But you need some of them before you start dating. Many guys hate women because they choose guys who have more then they do and call them shallow. But realize I put personality on the list. If you are an amazing person and that is it. What is to stop her from going for another amazing personality that has more than you do? Once you realize relationships are what you gove you get. They become easier to get as you sell yourself better. Want a great partner with personality? Show loyalty, character, personality compatability and a stable home life. Want a hot woman obsessed with body? Work our hell get plastic surgery make some money. She might cheat on you but you will get the hot girl. You get out what you put in give or take your limitations.

  27. That all sounds kinda neckbeardy my man

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