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  1. Not to be a downer, but a possible early symptom of CWD.

  2. Because I came here to get in on a squeeze play. My reason anyways.

  3. Pretty brilliant if ape squeezes first. AA can sell as much as he wants at a higher price to pay off amc debt.

  4. I was wondering why we aren’t protesting in front of gun stores…then I realized my idealistic ass would get shot in a heartbeat. Fucking America :(

  5. Because of the second amendment to the United States Constitution.

  6. I have owned a variety of PSA rifles over the years and never had an issue with any of them. They remain my go to for ARs of all types.

  7. I had a Ruger GP100 with a 4.5” barrel. I carried that in the field before switching over to a G29sf.

  8. Play the squeeze (AMC) or get burned trying to be fancy. Your money, your call, and I will stick to AMC here.

  9. Ape and amc will soon be the same. The vote was sold to the tutes.

  10. I have a Walker and the chambers are thick enough to handle black powder.

  11. Spend a few months in the jungle with it. (-:

  12. The famous driver, Dindu Nuftin, strikes again.

  13. Agreed, and I have to assume that all of the childish BS turns away potential investors as they do research. It is what it is though…

  14. Our rights don’t exist to limit citizens, they exist to limit the government. That said, she can pound sand.

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