1. FYI tracks need to be analyzed in Rekordbox and exported to a usb before it will read on an RX3 or XZ.

  2. That’s a system I want to be more comfortable with. Right now everything goes thru serato and I update from there. Might look into the Lexicon software to help with multiple DJ software applications

  3. GAS = Gear Appropriation Syndrome? (Pardon my ignorance)

  4. AF here - my final out was a Friday before a 3 day weekend and SB start on the following Tuesday. No extra leave charged over the gap or anything. When I talked to my finance office it was that your final out just needs to be the duty day prior to your SB start date.

  5. Awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience because this will help me get the dates right with my SB provider

  6. Hey. Has this sold now or still available?

  7. I still have it, but after reaching out to support... selling to someone else is a complete pain so I'm not going to sell it (or use it) anymore.

  8. Nice work! Hard work really does pay off. I have my first OCB show in June. Found your post inspiring. Thanks bro!!!

  9. > waiting for my tracks to analyze on the house Pioneer DJ system.

  10. I know that CDJs never analyzed tracks which was the problem. I had to play thru the track for it to read it. Same with their standalone systems.

  11. Pioneer are hardly the cutting edge. From any objective viewpoint, they're playing catch up!

  12. I agree with you. I'm only wanting to keep up to date with Pioneer products now because they are still the club standard and it's extra work whenever I'm gigging at an establishment or jam session with only Pioneer systems in place.

  13. not in texas. there are almost too many old dudes invading the market.

  14. Lol dude I’m also in Texas. I noticed that trend lately too. Maybe we need to move to a better area?

  15. I'm in San Antonio! We should put on an event. You in to electronic music?

  16. Are you actually serious? I have insomnia and it always says my sleep could use improvement but I’ve never been upset about it. It gives you data not emotional support. This is the silliest complaint and it’s hard to believe you’re actually being serious. Personally I just want data. I don’t want cheesy lines of encouragement. Even Whoop has its corny medals and I wonder why I’m supposed to care. Yay, a slightly different color medal! Way to go me! Whoop, whoop! No. It’s irrelevant. Whoop is a device and an app it’s not a human. It’s not being rude to you nor is your Apple Watch being kind, encouraging, or supportive to you. It’s not alive. It’s a device and an app that collects data and reports it to you.

  17. I'm sorry you're having a bad day. Yes, I am actually serious with what I shared. I was posting in this channel to share my frustration with the Whoop after having it for 6 months. To be honest I was looking for quality replies for my complaint and frustration (which I did receive). What I posted seem to trigger and upset you... that wasn't my intent. I hope your day improves for you!

  18. Your replies have been really valuable today. Thank you.

  19. Also a proud member! Alcohol, stress, and insomnia usually does it for me 🤘🏼

  20. No alcohol. Though I did have some caffeine (green and black tea) later in the day than I would usually just so that I could stay awake to keep working through the night.

  21. Gotcha. Hopefully you get some rest once you’re done hustling out your exams to recover.

  22. Caffeine and stress really impact my HRV. My average HRV is around 180. I recently returned to work from an awesome vacation and had a lot of deadlines for admin paperwork. Systems were down and I have been staying late (10-12 hrs a day) to get things done, when I normally only work 8 hours. The stress of deadlines and increased caffeine intake to balance alertness has caused my HRV to drop around 140. I haven’t had any alcohol either. All my other metrics check out and my workouts have been consistent.

  23. The 92 resting HR is a little alarming but whoop isn’t perfect or it is telling you something. I just went from 3 green days to a 18% cause of the changeover to nightshift. A little change in routine can really mess with recovery sometimes

  24. This! I haven’t had a drink in weeks but had a few longer than normal days and my sleep schedule got adjusted. Went from 67% - 24%. HRV was normal range but my body is definitely ‘off’

  25. Wait, y’all are getting notifications and feedback?! Nice 😒

  26. I think it’s different for everybody. I don’t do that much cardio. Maybe 3-5 miles of running a week. My primary workout is resistant bands training 6 days a week for about 15 minutes a workout. I read that stress is one of the things that affects HRV… I’m pretty stress free with my life so that might be why mine is high compared to others.

  27. Do you train with bands purely at home? I want to explore this and buying several weights it’s not an option due to space.

  28. I use the X3 Bar system. Takes up very little space and the company sells a bag for storing/traveling. It’s worth checking out and comes with workout program. I’ve been using it for 2 years.

  29. Temp is at 66 degrees F. I would say the humi is 80% of capacity. That drawer isn’t completely full. There’s breathing room. I used 2x 320g bovedas.

  30. I personally don’t use Boveda in my coolidor/wineador however you want to call it. I have the Needone 23L which I’m sending back, I just got the 48L instead as I needed more room and the dimensions were awkward for boxes larger than robusto. However, I use a cigar oasis and have still had minor fluctuations… getting up to 80 is crazy tho.

  31. None of the boveda packs were leaking. They’re 320g so the large ones. Prior to leaving for vacay I noticed one boveda pack was depleted a bit, so I put in a brand new second one. So essentially had 640g of boveda. When I noticed the spike (and mold) both boveda packs felt full. Maybe I over did it with them?

  32. I really like this cigar as well. Good flavor profile and pairs well with bourbon

  33. If you can find a rowing machine I highly recommend it. Puts in in my 70-100% max hr at least 5 minutes on a 10 minute row every time.

  34. Rowing machine is much more challenging than I thought. I hit my max HR so fast

  35. Buying wedding clients dinner at a restaurant is a hard pass. I'm in the market to make money off of them, not lose it on them.

  36. I like Mashup 2 for making mashups and medleys. It’s easy to use and you can use plugins that you like too. Quick and easy!

  37. My nightmares consist of a track ending short causing dead air or I got distracted and drew a blank on the next song selection which causes serious amounts of stress.

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