1. Article says Mr Solomon plays records. He does not, he uses his laptop.

  2. We are old, tired, sore and broken from lugging our 25kg vinyl cases everywhere, annoyed that venues with turntables have all disappeared, dismayed that a week's earnings only pay for one night's vinyl, but mostly we are just old.

  3. Sounds like you might be missing the phono preamp. Perhaps it is a setting, or different connections on the mixer?

  4. A Roland Go-mixer also works well into an android phone. Bonus, you get video syncd with audio.

  5. Not sure about rules, but I always remove the records from the box, store the records as usual, and put the box away in the loft.

  6. This is not good. I use two lathe cut services, and tjey've not had any issues like this both deliver within a month or two most.

  7. What did you use before? I have club v2, and I am really undecided whether the elite upgrade is worth it.

  8. Have you swapped turntable connections to the mixer? Left TT to chanellm2, right TT to chan 1. Is it the mixer or the TT ? Also, swap cartridge for left TT to right TT - is the cartridge at fault?

  9. I tend to play 12" singles. They often sound better and/or have more interesting mixes. And, they are so much easier to arrange into 'mix groups' in my gig bags. An LP contains tracks with different BPMs, moods, or different artists - it's gets complicated for me on which bag section to place it in (light tracks, floor fillers, 115-120bpm, 1980s, etc.

  10. Or find a break in the middle of the track, loop that, and start the mix there. After the transition, go back to the start of the track.

  11. If you can, squeeze in a stage deck. Perhaps 2m x 1m. They are super stable and will last a lifetime. Something like this

  12. And of course, there are now usually dozens of original pressings to compare (thanks discogs). Japanese pressings sound different to US which sound different to German which sound different to UK etc. It has become endless and it's getting larger every day.

  13. I have a smaller 8" extra monitor that points back at me. Even after decades of DJing, I cannot mix properly using headphones alone.

  14. The DBMax was made for broadcast. I don't know any music recording/mixing studio/engineer who has it.

  15. I didn't know about the 6000, thank-you for that. I'm looking for something in hardware (daw-less) that will help me maintain a (even slightly) more consistent level, dynamic and eq curve over hours and hours of vinyl DJing. I currently do this fairly well by ear, and with a Rane C4 quad de-essing compressor (one pair set for highs, one for lows) and a vintage dbx 3bx-ds.

  16. There is also the in-between option. Groups of 5 or 6 tracks that work well together and are rehearsed. These can be shortened or extended depending on the crowd response.

  17. Here's a couple of 12" from my recent gigs you might like. US3 "Cantaloupe", Sleeve "Hipness"

  18. Giorgio Moroder is 75+ years old, and still finding new audiences for his music. Just saying.

  19. Everything recorded prior to 1982 (+/- 1 year) was made without drum machines. Tempo may vary across the track. As others mentioned, if you can mix these tracks, you can mix anything.

  20. I have grouos of 20-30 minutes of songs by theme. Could.be by decade, genre or artist or label. On the might I can skip or extend these groups to suit the crowd.

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