Playing sad violin over ex's bs apologies

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  1. Let her sleep and stay in daughters room! Also leave clothing for cat to nuzzle in..

  2. ASAP-Call local wildlife center / its wounded needs to go to rehab..

  3. Do better! Kneejerk racism is just...lazy..and they are Asian..duh...

  4. LOVE YOU DARLING!! ..still laughing ..i have to watch it are gorgeous "one that got away"..hell cry over you whens he old drunk and paying for it at a strip bar..

  5. Sooooo...youve arranged your funeral...told your moma to expect "he died speeding" call...try showing how you gave $$ to kids"make a wish" foundation..then you'll get respect on here!! .your car is just "lame,sad" narcissistic waste....

  6. Awwww..keep 99% isopropyl in first aid stings but cauterizes wound 😢...

  7. I guarantee she has polio measles vax like all of us older folk do..hope to read her obituary sure shell blame biden!

  8. Hope they covered it all up ..or else theyll be very busy .sitting by the window...

  9. It was his time..sad ..operator should have been more careful..lawsuit coming.

  10. Please do more pics as they much fun is about to ensue!

  11. My experiences in montreal 1970s as a visitor was very off one would even give a group of tourists in the "historic" section directions in english....when i went to france people told me the french we were taught wasnt true french..better to speak english as everyone there wanted to practice it with me!.. i phone across canada at my job.. quebecers still pretend they dont speak english..act superior..say nasty things not realizing i can understand them...its not true french its a slang localized teacher sister went to france as a student so she could learn 😉 la vie!

  12. Im sure snoop dogg will have this on his new show..hoping....

  13. Can we please deport these idiots to texas or florida where they belong??? So embarrassing to 99% of Canadians...

  14. Hope their parents have a college / bail fund set up..girl get a job..well cant work at mcs so...arbys ??

  15. Canker cold sore..tumor... 😫 dental...$$..check teeth could be root infection..poor guy..if he cant eat thats a sign to call other of luck...

  16. It’s not a canker sore, its not a tooth root infection, t’s a tumor. Please don’t give bad information.

  17. I was guessing -like you...i said possible tumor because mine had tumor..this is why people should just ask 2nd vet opinion..rather than reddit..

  18. Put sugar water out to attract flies for your guest!

  19. Sooo.cops stop them at other end ..take cars..fine them...all good-.lots of work for towtruck drivers!!

  20. Next project will be with jussie smollet..he can play johan van der prison...

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