1. Try to hide this rationale from your date, otherwise ur doomed

  2. Certainly, so far as u don't keep it secret from husband

  3. I guess u can if u want it, but why? U have only to lose from this situation. Reclaim your emotional freedom and move on

  4. Add also "/dirty beards" to speak literally

  5. Ημαρτον με το κάθε τσόκαρο attention seeker

  6. Πολιτισμένο και χαμηλών τόνων σίχαμα

  7. If not right now, will become at the first opportunity he'll be offered

  8. Can we please use nicer language when talking about the ladies? Than h03????

  9. Από τα ακατανόητα φίλε ... αφιερώνεις χρόνο να γράψεις μια καλή συμβουλή και τρως downvote

  10. Μια και επιμένεις στο ψωμί καλύτερο είναι μαύρο με πολλές φυτικές ίνες. Τρώγε άφοβα ρύζια και πατάτες αφού θάχεις μεγάλες καύσεις. Βάλε στη διατροφή σου αβοκάντο, σολωμό, σαρδέλες, αυγά, μπρόκολο και κότατζ.

  11. Υπέροχη Δανία αλλά πανάκριβη φίλε μου! Η Ολλανδία εκτός Αμστερνταμ πολύ πιο οικονομική

  12. Αν με κλέβουν συνέχεια στα ρέστα

  13. A valuable lesson once u get it. Right or wrong, whenever you leave, leave for good. Never look back

  14. Propose her to view together a documentary on fisheries, winking 😉

  15. Happens all the time, especially a mediocre girl wants to publicize that she has conquests, gets attention. A very pretty girl wouldn't bother to post it, a dude knowing his boundaries shouldn't care either

  16. Whenever a mediocre girl rejects a guy, the whole world has to be informed immediately! 🤣

  17. devil's advocate: waiting in toilet line is one of the best times to talk to strangers. I made friends and acquaintances this way at events lol

  18. An interesting opener could be asking her what exactly does she intend to do in the toilet 🤣

  19. A stalker is not your best choice as a friend ... text him and be very explicit that you don't want any contact at all, he has to disappear from your life

  20. It's sad when brazen-faced people take others for complete idiots

  21. Ρώτα τους, ένας με τα δικά μου προσόντα πόσο παίρνει στην εταιρεία σας?

  22. She insisted I get rid of my pistol under our pillow

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