1. Nice tomato plant you got there.

  2. Yeah and I fucked about 40 people before I got out of high school so…

  3. I said hawaii because you get laid as soon as you get off the plane. Lol

  4. If you do, you’re paying for it. It’s not included for free, I own property in maui and can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve flown in here and I’ve never gotten a Lei.

  5. you don't even need to buy gift cards, just slip a member a few bucks and they will use their card for you.

  6. This shit don’t work in Hawaii. They make you show your card every single time and if you pay with cash they check who’s name is on the ID

  7. No. They literally will tell you it’s only for the person who pays for the membership and ask to see your ID to match the membership. I have tried this. Trust me they’re grade A assholes if you try and use a membership for two separate transactions. The only way to get around it is to pay in one transaction with cash when you have someone else with you.

  8. The lack of social media. Ironic to post on social media, but seriously, it’s destroying humanity

  9. Reddit is not social media. It’s a forum site. Only idiots socialize with complete strangers on here.

  10. You aired up those balloons so much I’m certain they will pop.

  11. Yeah I saw these but was trying to find a cheap alternative on Amazon.

  12. “Put it in my ass”, on our first encounter.

  13. How, one million dollar house or 10 for 100?

  14. Easier to put your things in storage over there than sell them. That way you’ll have everything you need when you move back.

  15. Lmao love the attitude. As if it’s certain they’re going to move back. Yo if that one job doesn’t work out… you might be fucked finding one that will post your bills.

  16. Shit like this is why some people quit playing games.

  17. Occasionally a house fly will would hitch a ride inside our submarine. We'd give it a name.

  18. You have a submarine? Are you some sorta marine biologist?

  19. Electronic cars like Tesla have the motors in the wheels. Electricity transfers extremely quick. But mechanical combustion engines have a drive train that transfers power through a gearing system that can only operate as fast as air and fuel can be pumped into it producing mechanical power. They also are limited by the viscosity of the oil and exhaust as well. Think about how a turbo works on a car to force air in, electric cars don’t have the mechanical process of producing energy, it’s already stored and can be delivered directly to the wheels.

  20. Electrical engines don’t have geared transmissions.

  21. Piss in the toilet and don’t flush it.

  22. We all use our finger as a stylus dipshit.

  23. Fuzz, goat, the Brian Jonestown massacre, the warlocks.

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