1. I still think she is the prettiest bad girl to be on the show. Elease (S8) and Kendra (S4) are also up there

  2. Lea Black sounds like a name you’d make up for a fake Facebook account, just a very basic first name paired together with a very basic surname

  3. I’m watching through RHOC for the first time. Early seasons of these franchises are absolutely wild to me. So many icky things being said that would definitely get these housewives cancelled in 2022. I watch with my mouth agape a lot.

  4. Everything the Keough family did in the early seasons was an ick, I’d fast forward through their scenes

  5. Gina, Emily and Robyn have all collectively provided zero iconic moments in their years as housewives.

  6. Although season 11 made for a very at times uncomfortable watch, both season 3 & 14 were like sleeping pills in tv form to me

  7. Lynne Curtin from Orange County and her cuffs. One conversation that will never fail to make me laugh between Lynne and (I think) Peggy T “Tamra and Fernanda were in a relationship” “But Tamra is straight”.

  8. I remember someone calling Yungblud an “emo Jade Goody” and everytime I see him, that’s all I can think of

  9. People need to stop with the 4 slander 🙄 “I Was Here” made me cope with my pet bunny’s passing more than anything else on This earth 🤧

  10. the top 4 in every season of drag race pretending that they like each other

  11. The way “I’m Roxxxy Andrews and I’m here to make it clear” ends their whole discography 😩

  12. The only Doja Cat song I’ve ever really enjoyed and still listen to is Bottom Bitch, I feel like a lot of her other stuff is kinda copy and paste tbh

  13. I’m still convinced Ronnie is Kelly Bensimon’s long lost Canadian sister, that woman was dark sided

  14. T.S. (Tiananmen Square) has me totally dead….also it must be so much fun to be a swifty or however you spell it, can literally say “Outsold your fav” to anyone

  15. Although I consider her a top tier housewife and one of the reasons Potomac is that great a franchise, I truly could not stand her the first 4 seasons. I thought she turned a new leaf during season 5 but now I just think her messiness got lost within the Candiace vs Monique saga, and she was pretty much non existent season 6. But this current season has disappointed me, I really think she’s back to her old messy ways

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