1. Five Star Bakery on Hyde St have really cheap sandwiches, pies, pasties etc just make sure you get there quick for lunch lol, they sell out pretty fast. Nanna’s Bakery in the markets also has super yummy cheap options :)

  2. Maybe Church carparks? I haven't been involved with a church in years but it'd be pretty ironic if they turn away people in need

  3. Second this. Try any Uniting Church car parks.

  4. i swear when these police helicopters are circling around they’re never doing anything useful. its driving me nuts too

  5. kitchener bun… other south aussies will get it

  6. Grape! Off topic, but I was curious about the history of Zappo and found out they’re produced by Crown Confectionery which is a Korean company! I wonder if they know the impact Zappos had on Australian kids lol

  7. I’m not in love but I need to do a few more rounds of listening to determine my final opinions. So far I’ve liked Sweet, Candy Necklace, Fingertips and Margaret. My favourite track is still Ocean Blvd, standing strong. Judah Smith Interlude was weird, agreed. None of the other songs have really stood out to me greatly. A little disappointing as a whole but again I need to listen to it some more. It’s not what I was expecting though, that’s for sure. All the singles feel so different to the rest of the album, is it just me?

  8. my parents used to always order a massive box of their chocolate covered ice creams, it was always a good day when the home ice cream truck showed up!

  9. Yep, all my buses have been at least 15 minutes late every single morning

  10. I got lucky when they restocked online last month so I grabbed them with a birthday gift card. My local store had none and the guy working there told me they never last longer than a day when they get them!

  11. Thank you! My local Sephora was out of stock too, so hopefully I won’t need to wait too long for an online restock. I’m desperate to try it out 😭 Especially the shade Happy!

  12. over the years adelaide created its own coffee culture and nobody was interested enough when starbucks opened stores here because we already had our favourite local cafes that we knew were better… and coffee from local cafes is just better in general!

  13. So what you said is exactly the problem with the far left today. They want everything changed for them. You want a date that has been celebrated for years, to change for you. Who the fuck are you to feel so special the rest of Australia, need to change their country’s day for you because you wanna have a cry, or be offended, about history. Something in the past which lead to the beautiful country you live in today. So selfish and big headed seriously how do you think you’re so special. Shut up and let the majority of Australia feel proud to be Australian on this day, and if you don’t like it fuck off somewhere else

  14. How about you fuck off back to England then?

  15. Is anyone else still having issues? Mine is working but loading so slowly there’s no point in me using it.

  16. i wish they would stop putting other women down for the sake of impressing a man

  17. I just hope he snaps to his senses and tells authorities where the body is. But if he’s continuing to maintain his innocence I’m afraid he never will...

  18. I feel you - especially as a Learner driver 😭 I’ve got cars up my ass all the time when I am literally going the speed limit. It’s scary at times.

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