What’s the best Christmas movie of all time ?

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  1. Is the 2nd picture on the top row from the threesome with Riona?

  2. Yep. Maybe my favorite lewd with Quinn. This is before the rooftop and all that. You choose this position and MC kisses her, and after the kiss, she gives you this look, like she's speechless and vulnerable. Like she enjoyed it and doesn't understand.

  3. Honestly, I felt it pressured you more toward Josy and Maya. Sage is completely and totally optional, with multiple chances to turn her down.

  4. Still baffles me how people on here can still say Sage is not falling in love.

  5. Or maybe it depends if she's Chick or DIK. DIK Zoey may not give a fuck and try to cause havoc in any relationship MC has.

  6. Yeah, but it might not make much sense. Doesn't seem to be a huge difference between Chick or DIK Zoey at the end of Interlude. If she suddenly becomes an aggressive douchebag, that's pretty out of character with what we've seen.

  7. That was her defending herself, and even after you choose to have her flush the phone, she shows regret at acting that way.

  8. She had amazing tits and yet wrecked them for the shittiest boobjob I've ever seen.

  9. Its a good thing. Knowing new Hollywood standards new WW would be black transgender non binary superhero ....

  10. Doesn't mean Gal is gone, by the way. They've covered most of Diana's angles storywise. If she has parts in other heroes' movies going forward, that will be fine. We don't need 5 sequels for every character, especially the better known ones. That's what has caused so much franchise fatigue with Marvel movies.

  11. Yup, the "Undefeated Gaul" was defeated the minute he became pussy whipped.

  12. The primary, textbook, prototypical example of #NotHowFuckingWorks

  13. Oh most definitely, depending on certain choices. I mean it’s almost guaranteed the option will be there to get with Heather and if that doesn’t set him off I don’t know what will. I mean, unless he lets her get with the MC as a +1 but I don’t see him being that understanding.

  14. Nah, she wouldn't be soft. She'd be more like "Yeah, we're fucking on the regular. Anybody got a problem with that?"

  15. Ya that’s pretty likely. It was a poor choice of words. I can’t imagine Quinn ever being soft. I only meant showing up there with MC would be like showing vulnerability and I can’t see her doing that in front of the DIKs. But maybe she will.

  16. If she thinks she can convince them that MC is "her bitch" she will. lol

  17. This is the core of MC's world, no matter what path you choose. They'll be around one way or another for the whole ride.

  18. Don't kiss Jill on the date, don't take it further on Bella's couch, don't fight for her.

  19. Good news. I recognize the guys face so lemme inform you that this still is from Nightmare on Elm street the 14th one

  20. The one where Jason goes to hell? Nah, that was 13. Is 14 the one where the doll is possessed by a serial killer and then forces people to become a human centipede?

  21. You remember, that's the one where John McClane knocks out Apollo Creed and runs from the cops in the Shelby Gt500!

  22. I wonder if she's the one talking about family when the game begins.

  23. Nah, by that time the narrator shifted to MC. Who was narrating before the shift?

  24. Not usually my cup of tea, either. But if you can get past that, it's a very engaging and well done game, at least for the first 3/4 or so.

  25. Every day I wake up in mental anguish knowing this sexy beast doesn't like dudes. lol

  26. Napoleon reincarnated and trying to take over the world with AVNs?

  27. I think it's less about being greedy, and more about trying to control content and make a living off it in the Patreon world. Making a living off your work does not equal greed. DPC has created two great games with good writing and it will never be "mainstream" like other works of art, but is the top of the AVN crowd.

  28. Relax brother, i already tried to get help a thousand times and my life goes to pretty extreme circumstances, rarely good and mostly horrible, but i keep holding up against depression since i was a kid. It's not the game who keeps me going (although i love every single detail about this game)

  29. No prob, brother. I've lost a few friends and loved ones to self-harm. I hate it worse than cancer. Glad to hear you're doing okay, don't be too proud or embarrassed to ask for help if you need it, bud.

  30. Shes got no ass, but those tits are something else

  31. It's not spectacular, but it's okay. Seen far worse. Definitely wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating cookies.

  32. I'm glad to see her go back to her OG gimmick, also glad she kept the ASH style gear. Although I'd love to see her in some shorts again, too.

  33. She doesn't give a fuck. She never did, but she stopped even pretending the previous season.

  34. Watch it every year the day after Thanksgiving while putting up the tree. Gets everyone in the mood.

  35. Die Hard. I sit down with a giant ring of shrimp and cocktail sauce and a quart of egg nog and watch it every Christmas Eve. Been a tradition since I was a teenager 30 years ago.

  36. Fox news was known as a horrible news source since before reddit even existed. I don't know if you are old enough to remember but in the 2000 election they incorrectly called florida for bush before the results were in, helping him steal the election.

  37. Your point is? Did you actually read what I wrote? Check the same shit on CNN or MSNBC. They've got way more shady shit going on.

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