1. Raspberry Pi 4 with either 2GB or 4GB of RAM. The difference in RAM won't give you any gains on emulation because the problem is with the low CPU, but it can be nice to have if you want to run anything else in the future, such as an OS.

  2. It's easier to find a 400 near retail right now, and IMO in spite of the package it's a better box anyway.

  3. Whatever storage you're using on the PI (SD or USB) can be examined and changed on your computer whether it's windows/OS/linux. You'll see different folders for each system and a "roms" folder under each where the games should be located if you want to remove duplicates.

  4. At least there are 28 of the top 100 games they list that you can play.

  5. damn you himem.sys for being such a pain in the ass when I was a kid

  6. 2003 alum.. Tuesdays used to be a large pizza and a pitcher of mixed drink liquor for $6 at backstreets? Like a gin and tonic pitcher. Or Jack and Coke. Long Island.. Lol. Pizza was actually pretty decent. Loose change opened around that time I think if memory serves. TDs and TTT were the busiest and then Bad Apple opened. It’s fun to hear about those bars. Got into plenty of adventures…

  7. That and Wings and Yuengs (similar deal for a pitcher of beer and a dozen wings) were some great times.

  8. From rubber guard to rubber brain, for Eddie it was a smooth transition.

  9. The best time is now. Call every property management company you can google. Check CL. Ask acquaintances and classmates. Demand is pretty high around Clemson, so if you want something that you prefer (and not just what's available) you'd do well to constantly be on the lookout until you have something secured. Bonus being that once you find a place you like, you'll have a better idea of cost comparisons around the area and how good of a deal it is.

  10. He’s a pinball wizard, got to be a twist, pinball wizard has such a supple wrist! 🎶

  11. The best loading times ever, though. I used to get my power naps in waiting to play.

  12. They actually fixed most of that. Turns out it was an extremely poorly optimized call that made some huge table check for your online items or something.

  13. I have fond memories of playing Back to the Future on the NES. That Milkshake throwing scene is memorable.

  14. The majority of the game is the skateboarding scene, and in the milkshake scene if you miss once you're toast and have to start back at the first level and skateboard more.

  15. E.T. for Atari 2600 is famously bad…maybe the worst cash grab movie tie-in game ever. It almost destroyed the burgeoning games industry and they buried truckloads of the game in a mass grave in New Mexico. There’s a documentary about it and the effort to find the dump site:

  16. It's actually not that bad for a 2600 game, just confusing and barely related to the movie.

  17. "Don't come! Don't come!" - House of the Dead 2

  18. But this is coming for "techies" too. ChatGPT can code small components decently well on command right now. Automated sysadmin tools have been in development for years.

  19. I think this can be generalized to ingroup/outgroup thinking.

  20. Not a Barbara Walters fan but I will say it is unsettling how eager young people are on this website to jump on the band wagon on hating on a person that recently passed away and is unable to defend herself. Where was this hate when she was alive?

  21. The dislike was here when she was alive, but her death means headlines pop up about her and put her more front and center in peoples minds -- they see articles saying "what a great accomplished person" etc. and feel compelled to add "oh hey btw she kind of sucked".

  22. Jesus fucking christ, kid. Do your mom and dad know you're on the computer right now?

  23. https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/738/029/397.jpg

  24. In my experience, K8s needs buy in at a high level with commitment across the board. As others have mentioned, there needs to be various levels of leadership forcing everyone to be on the same page.

  25. I realize this is a "wholesome" reddit, but 1934 is most definitely not the Gold Rush years. It's almost a century after them.

  26. Yes but they're claiming it's the same buildings that were built in the 1850s

  27. I can't justify the cost, especially for arcade games pre-1998 ish. $200+ just for the FPGA vs. $35 ish for a Pi. and the Pi runs literally everything I want to use it for. Is an FPGA setup technically better? meh, maybe, but it makes no practical difference for me.

  28. If you can find a 3b+ or 4 for $35 right now you're in an amazing place.

  29. If modem to modem counts, then it would be "688 Attack Sub". I had no internet in 1989, just BBSes running ASCI.

  30. Hey you could have played Legend of the Red Dragon or something similar!

  31. Subspace and Infantry online by harmless games.

  32. Subspace was originally Virgin Interactive Entertainment.

  33. Thanks a lot! I never thought about the chronicle, but will try Preston first. I actually uploaded the guy to YouTube a few weeks ago, but it was in the form of an educational video about the effects of Meth, as I happened to catch him smoking meth and he had a very noticeable physical reaction. He can't be identified from the video, just as a FYI, some people have worried about privacy issues when I mentioned this, plus I told him I was going to :)

  34. This is probably also a cocktail containing various cathinones and not just amphetamines. Poor hardcore addicts generally aren't very discerning.

  35. I don't have a list at the ready, but most early games fit the bill -- pacman, ms pacman, space invaders, galaga, etc. Obviously the Simpsons beat-em-up, but also TMNT, X-Men, Final Fight, Alien Vs Predator, and others.

  36. Focus on "containers" part of Docker. Understand that "containers" (really "namespaces") have been a feature of the Linux kernel since 2009. Docker is just a handy UX for using them, and Kubernetes doesn't use Docker at all.

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