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  1. Also an old and I agree it's just fun to dance on top of objects that are elevated.

  2. Now that we got the Scandies on board it's the Coalition of the Swilling.

  3. Hi, I'm not from around here, but I have a lot of money. I'm looking for some fellows who have their own reality show, have you seen them? They look like garden gnomes and they're always advertising for some place, is it the All-Yahoo Tik Tok Bar? I'd like to set up a meet....

  4. You know, these guys: "Blahblahblah. All Yahoo Tik Tok Bar. Bangbangbang. All Yahoo Tik Tok Bar!"

  5. The cool part of it is that we want that propaganda to work on them so that they refuse to believe there is a danger.

  6. You'll be happy to know that three days later he snapped out of his trance, realized he was the drummer for Goose, and played a killer show with Trey from Phish.

  7. I'm about 90% sure that "wood booger" was simply a 2000s promotional campaign to back the opening of a bar in Norton, Virginia.

  8. Think for a moment about the enormous overlap between irresponsible fireworks handlers and gun owners.

  9. OMG, I'm not gonna wait for anyone else, I'll ship my space station up there in 20 pieces and then hide myself in the last payload.

  10. They'll learn their lesson when they realize that the smart people tasted better, and they've already eaten them all.

  11. Launch dates so slippery it's like watching a greased flagpole climb at the county fair.

  12. I still remember being a little kid and passing the window of some high line electronics shop, within a year or two of this, and seeing a Unisonic micro-TV and thinking, wow, this is the future! And it sort of was.

  13. You can’t eat money when climate change kills the crops.

  14. All that wealth kept from the people for fifty years, gone forever the moment it rolls over into famine. We could have built a system that lasted for millennia.

  15. Peeps, I need your help. When you repost videos of HIMARS in action, consider using the band Rammstein as the soundtrack, okay?

  16. Oryx, which only counts those tanks photographically documented as destroyed, is up to 834. The International Institute for Strategic Studies estimated the Russians had a total of 2800 operational tanks before the war. So over a quarter of them are gone almost for sure.

  17. Yet again an article’s title leaves out the essential point…

  18. How careful do we think the use of the plural, "casings" is? That would imply more than one shot to the head, yes?

  19. Impossible to know without more information but by late war it was common for important people to place their 15-year old kids into the Flak Corps, where they were supposed to serve as antiaircraft gunners out of direct combat.

  20. I remember that I ran out of money for the movies because there were so many that I wanted to see that year. The Thing, The Road Warrior.... Star Trek II, Conan and ET were running at the exact same time, I think.

  21. Is reloading really as simple as it looks? Does it poop out the whole box with the old tubes and reload that new one on the ground there?

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