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  1. Love #1! The tights balance it out well and the green is definitely your color! The last one looks nice too.

  2. 1 reminds me of Daria!!! You just need glasses to round out the look

  3. I firmly believe that the provider can make a HUGE difference.

  4. The $30 credit is a government program called ACP (affordable connectivity program)

  5. Even with controlled substances? They're pretty strict at my pharm.

  6. State laws vary significantly for controlled substances, so that may be part of the disconnect here

  7. Vitamin gummies make it infinitely easier. The only problem is that you’ll want to eat it all

  8. Not specifically a gaining chair, but the Herman Miller Aeron chair in size A should fit you. (Edit: it’s specifically designed for people 4’10” to 5’4”)

  9. How did this car get out of the garage? First place I ever saw it was when the surge flooded the house.

  10. The water or hurricane winds probably took out the door, or something else did like the cars bouncing around and up against it while floating.

  11. NTA. Your brother, kind of sounds like a dick - with the demons and ghosting. Also, who would pick sport over a LI? 🙄

  12. Turn off loudness normalization and it should fix it.

  13. The other thing I’ve found to work is ones that are models “for women” often have shorter torsos. I know there are a lot of people that dislike the fact that things are gendered unnecessarily, but sometimes things are actually designed for smaller frames.

  14. I’m sorry that you had that experience at an REI. What store was it? I’ve never had that experience at REI :(

  15. I travel solo internationally all of the time. I dress up and plan my route so that I don’t look like I’m lost but one big thing is that a lot of countries are more safe than the USA. I’m also black so there’s an element of really standing out especially in Asia and some European countries depending upon where I am. I just dress like I’m “important” no trainers or jeans or sports/workout clothes (I don’t dress like that anyway; but I’m usually more casual during the week.)

  16. Adding on: dressing like you live in the city or country you’re visiting can make a HUGE difference. Not saying that you have to look like you were born there, because there’s nothing one can do to change that. Dressing similar to the locals, or potentially even dressing up a little, can make a huge difference.

  17. Not to say that it is a perfectly safe place, but out of everywhere I’ve visited (and I have done a good bit of traveling), Japan is one place where I would feel comfortable traveling alone. (I do not speak Japanese, but have managed to navigate and survive without too much worry. A good number of people speak some English, especially in larger cities and tourist areas.)

  18. Sounds like student housing, mediation with the "RA" or other staff should be considered right away. Much easier for them to shift around room assignments at the beginning of the term, before everyone is fully settled

  19. Seconding this. Go talk to your RA or someone on the staff. They should be able to shift people around and make life better for all of you.

  20. Perhaps it’s the same thing that happened to Denver? Urban people who like the outdoors? (Just a guess)

  21. Do it!! I did my first 10k yesterday - walked 90% of it because I haven’t been exercising much this year, and had fun.

  22. I have lived in Seattle, absolutely miss it. People alot friendlier and I also met my soulmate over there

  23. …the Seattle freeze is real… and can make it really hard to make friends. But in my experience, once you make friends they truly are there for you.

  24. Im a few years older than you, but also young enough that I can’t get a mammogram. There are other options and either your dr should not have sent you for a mammogram or the imaging specialist was wrong (mammograms in your 20s are uncommon but are done sometimes).

  25. They’ve done ultrasounds and that doctor was the one who “diagnosed” me with lumpy breasts.

  26. Hmm… Well that sucks. Lumpy breasts themselves are annoying (and I can understand why one might get plastic surgery), but the fact that it’s still growing is concerning… Do you have photos that clearly show the change in size over time?

  27. I’m coming up on 5 years here and grew up in South Florida. I miss people from FL but honestly not a whole lot else - you won’t regret coming here.

  28. Can someone remind me who that woman sitting behind Kavanaugh is?

  29. It's very interesting to compare it to the director's other movie Whiplash! They're both about the cost of chasing your dreams but have different things to say about it. Or at least comes from different angles and the characters end up in different places.

  30. Seconding Whiplash as something to watch. Doing a comparison of the two is fascinating. I much preferred whiplash

  31. Ah yes. The 6.2L HEMI V8. Because 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 118 mph are exactly the specs everyone wants on a pickup.

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