1. Only one reason and that’s greed. Ppl could keep rent reasonable but Choose not to.

  2. Who cares. Grow up. It’s called “acting”. No different that an English person doing an American accent Or vice versa.

  3. Can’t find affordable rent in the part of the city she wants to live in more likely. Get rid of pets and take care of your kids first.

  4. No problems here. Upped the refresh rate and no problems since.

  5. Go in and change refresh rate in game settings.

  6. I preloaded and started playing on pc. No issues for me yet. Working great!

  7. Welcome to the real world. People are taking advantage of everything and everyone to make money. It’s all people care about. Suggest moving out of belt line area and use money saved for transit.

  8. Tell him you are going to contact the tenancy board.

  9. If you have a lease that states you rent the whole basement suite and not just a room then he can’t add people to your lease.

  10. Good. Now all the druggies can go there and leave the rest of the country alone lol

  11. Call police and charge him with theft

  12. How old is the furnace and does it try and come on?

  13. 5 first time. 6 first kill by snaring, 11 with gun. 12 when got license

  14. Good job Biden. Trade a basketball player for a hardcore world criminal.

  15. Some love her some hate her. Some don’t care either way. Don’t listen to people in here. Look and listen for yourself and make your own decision. You might like what she says or hate it. Your choice.

  16. What do you expect when for the past 2 yrs no one has been exposed to anything? Of course there’s going to be a surge of cold, Flu’s and respiratory problems. Did no one else think about this? I’m surprised there’s nothing more serious going around.

  17. Lol….love the responses. Never said I was conservative. I don’t come on Reddit everyday. Just threw that comment out to see what I could shake up.

  18. Oops, I asked you a question right above your response. Care to share?

  19. Every time i see Notley or Singh speak I just get that gut feeling they are dishonest and out for something other that what they claim. Singh didn’t help when he made that back door deal with Trudeau. I used to like ndp. Now just get a bad feeling.

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