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  1. Also maybe ignore my last message, i have just seen a post from Janine with an update, it does mention emails, so maybe worth checking it out

  2. No don’t think you have missed anything, the email from 1st July is the last member update i have seen. Think the only other email since then has been the home kit launch around the 15th July.

  3. This needs to go viral and be seen by all men. I was lucky, i had somebody who made me open up. Who knows where id be if they hadn’t

  4. I have a meeting with the league in a couple of weeks, I'm hoping to find out then

  5. Ah fair, cheers tho mate. Hope the legs are doing OK.

  6. Did the also play the Kane theme at some point? Or did I imagine it?

  7. Allowing their kids to be murdered at school?

  8. Well done mate, hell of an achievement for everybody involved. And this is just the start!

  9. They forgot the clip of him slipping over and costing Liverpool the title. Or the clip of him being sent off after loosing his head against United. Or the one of him beating up the DJ. Yeah a real legend.

  10. I don’t think it is out of the question to get to 5k members. Be interesting to see what the member total is by the end of the next calendar month, as would think you have people waiting for payday before signing up and when the app launches with the pay monthly you might very well see another bump in numbers.

  11. Is there a limit on how far you can caterpillar a ruck back into your 22?

  12. you can get to the stadium very easily from the centre of Manchester, you get the tram to Droylsden and from there is a 2-minute walk to the ground

  13. Not one line, but the opening argument with Rodney over who to pronounce Sidney Poitier’s name.

  14. We performed a soft launch today, just a selection of Patrons have been given the link so far. We're still doing further testing and fixing bugs that we're finding.

  15. Ah fair one, that makes a lot of sense.

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