1. Microsoft won't stop pushing Brady articles on me via the new tab feature and I really don't know why. I dont even like Brady.

  2. I'm happy for him, but I dislike the design. They went hard for 21 and 22. Idk why 23 was a step backwards.

  3. Heh, I have held out from completing the Dad uniform, this might be the way to completing my fate.

  4. Lol they have all kinds of sneakers. From Dad sneakers, to skate shoes, to low profile running shoes, etc.

  5. For that total, I dont blame them. Too many people stiff the waiters on large bills.

  6. It’s collateral damage in the war against imaginary trans people

  7. Not completely, it is also direct damage in the war against women's reproductive rights.

  8. I haven't picked a Prem team yet. I was a big Man Utd fan as a kid and teen, but I dont really like them anymore. So, I'm on the hunt for a team rn. Leeds might be it, but I've also been watching Newcastle and Chelsea a bit too.

  9. Not quite as bad as the intersection out in Lake Buena Vista on Apopka-Vineland that has exactly zero crosswalks, so tourists and residents nearly get hit on the daily.

  10. That 23 cover is a huge step down from 22 and 21 (design-wise, not talking about player on cover)

  11. Peel and stick tile is not a great alternative, as the adhesives tend to leach chemicals at those high temperatures. Slate tile or other natural stones are the way to go, when it comes to long-term non-loose substrates.

  12. That is a common misconception. Peel and stick tile is human grade. If it leached chemicals at 120F then it would not be safe for human habitats either. If your beardie can withstand the temps, so can the tile. There's regulations on flooring for a reason.

  13. Most peel-and-stick tiles are not rated for 120F. Standard is 85F. In general they aren’t great for us, either, but reptiles are also more sensitive to the volatile organic chemicals released in many products, which is why common advice is to avoid air fresheners and many types of cleaning solutions, as well as to take care to safely seal any painted or handmade habitat components.

  14. That standard is old. If you look at modern peel and stick, it's rated for much higher temps to accommodate outdoor flooring in desert climates which is getting more and more common as people expand into hotter climates.

  15. Counter argument: Much of that talent are gone within the next year or two. This team wasn’t built for longevity, it was built around a pending sale.

  16. Anderson is a solid number 3 starter. Renfroe is a solid outfielder. I like the moves we made, but they are not on the level of "signing talent to keep Shohei." That would require at least one splash signing imo.

  17. Spending more and more money does not make a team good. And let's be realistic, Shohei is going to command a price far higher than the vast majority of teams can afford. There is no way in high hell any team could afford Shoehi AND Judge AND Trout and still have enough to build a solid team around them and keep enough for our minor league teams to do well. Could Arte throw his fortune at the team? Sure. Is that a responsible way for him to allocate his money? Not really.

  18. Id recommend getting rid of the heat mat, or at least move it to the side of the tank. Pacs burrow down and you don't want the frog sitting right on top of the heat mat.

  19. I used to go to Southwest Orlando Family Medical before I got a job with their own health clinic. I really liked them and never really met a doctor there I didn't like.

  20. It was a four month stretch where his ERA+ was league average while his underlying metrics were still great. Mike Trout can have a slump in a four month stretch. Smarter FOs knew he would bounce back and that's why the Braves got him. No need to justify Artre's stupidity.

  21. Nah those numbers don't tell the full story. He repeatedly allowed base runners in the 9th and he got pulled for someone else to shut it down. Herget shut it down a few times after Iggy was pulled in the 9th and failed to get out of Iggy's mess at least once that i can remember. Those games aren't accounted for in the stats you pulled. Stats are a great tool, but are limited.

  22. If I was her mom, I'd be screaming at him to mind his own fucking business and leave my daughter alone.

  23. Is homie insecure about his belly button? Looks like he's purposefully covering it.

  24. Tesla's quality control has been awful for years. Literally no one should buy one, especially when there's other EVs on the market.

  25. I dont. My frog just spits out any soil he gets in his mouth. He doesn't like to be handled so I just don't do it unless absolutely necessary.

  26. Seems like he had some clear instructions to come off his line. Does Ramsdale do that also or was that a specific to Man City thing?

  27. It's called keeper sweeper (it has other names too). Keeper comes off their line and a defender swings in behind to cover. Keepers tend to have the better shot in these situations.

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