Megathread: Manhattan Grand Jury Votes To Indict Trump

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  1. Thanks for that, i was asking for someone in the same boat as OP who was telling me they didn't have a clue if they'd been vaccinated for all the usual suspects when they were a kid.

  2. You can get your immune status checked via a blood test.

  3. How did you train a crab to use Google Maps, that sure is some impressive claw action?

  4. Looks like they lifted George Christensen's life sized fingerprint from a glass in bar in Manila?


  6. That's only fair, I forget where I stole it from.

  7. Yeah, that's what i was saying, we pay for it because we pay his wage.

  8. I can assure you that i am not and have never been, a walking aborted leprechaun.

  9. It's probably nothing....or it might be keeping a malevolent being at bay that would otherwise be possessing your soul if it weren't for brave brave Sir Bucky.

  10. Next time you're havin' an Uncle Doug do it standing up with a minute's silence.

  11. One Socket to find them, One socket to bring them all and in the darkness bind them ― J.R.R. Toolkit

  12. Interesting that this submission comes out shortly after it's announced that Australia will be taking in 650,000 immigrants in the next two years to address a problematic 'skills shortage'?

  13. Does Latham realise how many heterosexual couples “go in through the back door” so to speak?

  14. Make sure you have a sock on the end so if they grab it you still keep the bat.

  15. A storyboard or a frame from a storyboard is quintessentially a representation of an idea unless it is referring to an exact portion of a copyrighted script.

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