1. Lol, who cares. The resolution couldn't pass because Russia would veto anyway. It was just to see who is who.

  2. India is still clinging to the idea that Russia is some sort of geopolitical counterweight to China. But more importantly, they’re still dependent on their arms, energy, and food for the time being.

  3. This was beyond fucked. The dolphins organization should be ashamed of themselves

  4. Even if the independent neurologist “cleared” him, at some point, common sense needs to prevail. You don’t need to be a doctor you know that when someone goes woozy after their head hits the turf, it’s not because of their back. You understand that players will lie through their teeth because they would take a 5.56 round through the gut and still insist they could play. You know that any loss of motor function is indicative of mild TBI.

  5. Well in order for a nuclear strike to actually change the course of the war, they'd either need to use a lot of smaller nukes (50kt) or a few larger yield nukes (800kt), and both of those options are escalatory beyond reproach. Even a token demonstration on something like Snake Island would represent crossing a certain threshold that I'm not sure Russia could justify to any country.

  6. November to February and 120k are going to be confined to main roads, probably with one group trying to advance to Lviv and another to Kyiv, with the hopes of diverting UA forces at worst, and besieging the cities at best.

  7. Landon and Slay are the two that make me the most nervous. Landon because he was injured going into last week and they pulled him early, so his foot might still be bothering him. Slay because our secondary instantly becomes a pretty big weakness without him. Hopefully they're both good to go on Sunday.

  8. My Russian in-law relatives belive a deal was made to get rid off Putin and to turn back the gas lines as good will but Putin found out and ordered the destruction of the pipes.

  9. Sounds compelling. I’m willing to accept this statement without any evidence. I’ll listen to no further opinions. Thank you.

  10. I don't remember who said it recently, but it went along the lines of "you never really know whether something has happened for sure until the Kremlin denies it"

  11. There was a similar line from the Cold War: “if you ever want to know what the Soviets are doing, just look at what they’re accusing the Americans of”.

  12. Seems like a great financial investment lol

  13. Getting strong “Entertainment 720” vibes

  14. Wouldn't it be pretty stupid for Russia to do this, though? How are Sahra Wagenknecht et al. supposed to continue talking nonsense about how we should get rid of all sanctions to get Russian gas again if Russia physically cannot send more gas?

  15. It's not about Nord Stream, it's about the undersea pipelines connecting Norway to Europe. One part demonstration of capability, one part testing to see what yield is necessary to knock a pipeline out of commission.

  16. I hope we have the means of properly defending that Norway pipeline, because losing that one would really hurt.

  17. Here's to hoping they get the better AIM-120 D's. I know their air-to-air range is about 90 miles, but I don't know about the ground-to-air version. I assume it's shorter.

  18. I don't get how Russia benefits by of sabotaging these pipelines at this time. It's all downside and no upside, especiallyy considering the pipelines were not operational anyway.

  19. I've been going back and forth on "who dunnit". One the one hand, what Russia would gain would be an implicit threat that the other undersea pipelines currently running from Norway to Europe could also be a target, as those are going to be crucial to keep Europe warm in the winter. On the other, I could see the US doing it as a demonstration that Russia's economic lifeline, their energy exports, are at risk as well, though I'm less convinced of this simply because Russia doesn't really have any other undersea pipelines, and I can't imagine they'd want to piss off the Germans by doing this.

  20. And this time time theyll run square into prepared defenses, firing solutions, pre placed javelins, and well established mine fields.

  21. Russia doesn’t have the men to spare, and certainly not the trained soldiers to properly run and service this equipment. If there was to be any action from the north, my best guess would be Belarusian regulars supported by Russian equipment. I simply cannot fathom that Russia would look at the initial phase of the invasion and say “yeah lemme get another hit of that”.

  22. Let Putin know any retaliatory strikes no matter where he goes will be coming down right on HIM.

  23. Far more likely a dirty bomb is used. Russia is incredibly vain, and they care about their image. They need to maintain some plausible deniability, and using tactical nukes against Ukraine just stinks of desperation. I’d be willing to bet if they chose to pursue a nuclear path (which I don’t think they will, fwiw), they’d want to do something they could spin as being a provocation from Ukraine/NATO. A dirty bomb going off in some small Ukrainian town would certainly send a message to western governments, while simultaneously allowing them the chance to play the perpetual victim.

  24. But it was already shut off. There was no supply. Russians are just stupid and make no sense.

  25. It's more of a demonstration of capability. The only other underwater pipeline, I think is the TurkStream that runs under the Black Sea, but the Soyuz and Namal pipelines could also theoretically "suffer an accident" during the dead of winter. Russia clearly wants to communicate they have the capacity and intent to hurt European energy imports as much as possible.

  26. Was there ever a doubt that Russia was capable of this?

  27. I have zero inside knowledge, and am entirely speculating, but my guess is they would want to test what kind of yield is necessary to neutralize a pipeline, how long it takes to place charges, what's required logistically, and what the response times are like. The ultimate target, IMO, would be the pipelines running from Norway, as that's what's going to help plug some of the energy gaps in Europe this winter.

  28. Seems like Russian losses are accelerating again.

  29. The foliage will start to thin, and natural concealment will be harder. We’ve seen videos of Russian camps that literally look like homeless shelters, with brightly colored tarps and open flames. Spotters will have no trouble finding these

  30. That sounds right. I’ve been on hundreds of flights before and this one seemed to be really hauling ass on takeoff

  31. There’s videos of new draftees carrying mosin-nagant rifles. They’re a century old design, and were carried by Soviet soldiers in 1942. These soldiers are going to get slaughtered.

  32. I want it to be true but this feels like a cope

  33. Russia’s importance to India is threefold: energy, weapons, and a geopolitical counterweight to China. During the Sino-Soviet split, India (wisely) saw the USSR as a natural hedge against China, and developed deep relations with them. That continued into the 21st century.

  34. I know that it's the language of trying to stir up nationalistic support, but it continues to be insane how thoroughly the Russian state talks about the war in Ukraine as an existential matter when in fact they could simply leave at any time.

  35. In their minds, defeat is existential. The entire Russian identity is predicated on strength. Their whole population has been conditioned to view themselves as the only nation that can withstand American/NATO pressure. To suffer a defeat in Ukraine is to undermine the entire core principle Russia operates under. In their mind, they won’t lose because they cannot lose, and they’re willing to throw a million men to their death in order to will that into existence.

  36. This is similar to how an abusive spouse acts. Dont you even think about doing that thing I told you not to do - don’t forget I have a gun in the house and I know exactly how to use it.

  37. And the true nature of the war’s popularity is shown. Sure, Russians may wear the Z, but will not sign up for the military. Now that mobilization is on the horizon, fleeing seems preferable.

  38. The region to watch is obviously Moscow. Up until now, this has been a TV war. It's played out like some syndicated re-run from your glory days - familiar, antiseptic, and comforting, because you already know what's going to happen, and it always has a happy ending. You can watch it in the background while you live your nice, pastoral life, because the actual soldiers fighting were some ethnic minorities thousands of miles away.

  39. I’ve always been worried he would do this. He’s an angry child losing at monopoly, and he’s going to just flip the game over and ruin it for everybody as oppose to accept defeat.

  40. I'm not sure I would. Tactical nukes have too low of a yield to be used as a single-shot weapon. The Soviet doctrine was basically what Russia was doing in the east of Ukraine, but instead of artillery, it was nukes - lob a few hundred at a spot, kill everything there, and then advance your forces into the newly-irradiated spot. Wash/rinse/repeat until you reach the Atlantic ocean. For Russia to make effective use of nukes in a battlefield sense, they'd be forced to completely raze the very territory they claim to be liberating (not that they aren't doing this already, but there's significantly more collateral damage). This is all without mentioning the fact that such an action would undoubtedly provoke a response.

  41. So... this war is not going Putin's way. While he is immoral, is he a rational actor, even if only acting in his own self interest?

  42. I find it difficult to believe Russian regime was unaware of the real state of their special operation.

  43. I don't. There's a lot of sunshine reporting in authoritarian regimes. Local officers have an order to capture territory, so they move forward, stake up position in the middle of a goddamn field, and report to command great news, we've advanced 10km. Commander says "great", and reports up to his commander - ""good news, we've captured X town". Commander then reports to civilian leadership - "we're making great progress, we've advanced 10km and expect to advance a further 10km tomorrow".

  44. Yeah Mailata, especially, has seemed off to me. I'm sure he'll clean it up, but a sloppy start to the year

  45. He’s looked a bit passive, like he isn’t engaging the rush and instead waiting for it to come to him.

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