1. I've been learning with a 6 and an 8. I don't think it's been hurting me to swap between the two. There are definitely a lot of guitar basics that are easier on the 6. The smaller scale length and additional space between strings makes chords much easier. Similarly, some things are easier on the 8; the lower action makes legato much easier, and the longer scale length forces me to think about posture more.

  2. I'm a software engineer. The day-to-day of programming is really a stack of small, wildly different problems that can be addressed in isolation; you get that nice burst of dopamine when you solve a little problem, commit a bit of code, and get a nice green checkmark from the tests passing. There are long-term planning aspects as well, but Jira lets us gameify that as well.

  3. My experience lines up mostly with yours-- I've been running archlinux off and on for about 8 of the past 12 years. I've had stable archlinux installations that saw frequent use for 5+ years at a time. The only times I had a system "break on me" in some way that wasn't easily recoverable were:

  4. This is me every single day. I wake up at 7 and don't make it to the office until 10. It's a 30 minute drive w/ traffic. What happened to the other two and a half hours?

  5. Yes, but those stands are extra and come at a premium of $325, plus they look nicer than the Magna Risers.

  6. While I like the little curved bit on the back, it's behind the speaker so I'm rarely going to see it. Other than that and the lack of powder coating, I don't see too much visual difference from the $229 Magna Risers. Roughly $100 to come in the box, basically.

  7. Behind a freezer, not in it. That website is utter garbage.

  8. Honestly they got me. I read the headline like "wait, how'd they end up IN the freezer?" and read the actual article. Big disappointment, no looney tunes hijinks here.

  9. Saying it here because I see this mistake a lot in game:

  10. The only times that happened to me my professors went, "I wrote this, which means I can get as many from my publisher as I want. Here you all go!"

  11. Yeah, my experience with this was "I wrote this, here's the PDF. Let me know if you find any typos or math errors." Usually the chillest compsci profs though.

  12. I've been running Garuda on my laptop for about a year now-- there have definitely been a few instances where the btrfs snapshots saved my bacon. In particular, we had that

  13. I really miss Adventure/Token Collector meta, I thought that was one of the most fun times to play Live Twin.

  14. There was a sandwich counter at Whole Foods near where I went to grad school, and they had a prosciutto sandwich that carried me through the degree. Whenever I had a rough time, I'd spend $15 on this decadent sandwich on freshly baked bread and it was honestly so good. I'd go to this Whole Foods specifically for the sandwich, and it was one of those things where it would cost way more if I was going to make it at home.

  15. Hot take: the master duel timer is an automatic nerf to Tear and their 35 minute turns.

  16. Yeah, they already put Fusion to 2 in the Fusion banlist on Teams.

  17. I think you don't need nearly that many shaddolls. Invoked-Dogmatica-Shaddoll usually doesn't even play main deck shaddoll monsters.

  18. It’s a fine place for a meal and a great place for drinks, people get upset because the food isn’t amazing. But if you get margs and the guacamole you’ll be happy.

  19. Their brunch is also pretty decent-- at least, it was when I last went 2ish years ago. There's no crowd like at other places in fells.

  20. If the question is how they can have different bitrates even though they're the same 44.1kHz 16bit files, it's because bitrate depends on the average sound levels/amount of information in the individual tracks. Since FLAC is lossless compression, it actually stores more information when there's more information available, rather than chopping it down to meet a specific compression ratio. The bitrate number you see reported is basically the filesize divided by the length of the track.

  21. Oh fuck they're gonna make it a structure deck exclusive arent they

  22. If that structure deck gets me Souls and Illusion, I'll take 2.

  23. Circa 2011. The game shifted dramatically from how we used to understand card advantage (even our understanding of card advantage in goat format is different now than it was for folks playing it). This card essentially goes -1 (negate/destroy + draw a card + you used a card), which was considered to be "fine" if you used it at a good time. Nowadays, everything is a 1-card combo & giving your opponent a card on their turn is one of the worst things you can do.

  24. People know to save Ash for the Branded Fusion at this point, so baiting ash isn't that viable anymore. I replaced the third BO with a Crossout Designator-- it kind of works?

  25. Look at the size of that snake, no way that's the same skull on her hammer. Suspension of disbelief broken

  26. It's all just perspective, she's actually bigger than the snake. It's all angles. Trick of the light.

  27. I'm totally fine with them unobtrusively linking out to their own services and/or website-- it's not that different than asking for donations in my opinion, and they do have to pay the devs somehow. And this is a lot less intrusive than the Amazon integration, or Microsoft putting candy crush in the start menu.

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