1. Why do tik Toks from Asian countries so often seem very staged?

  2. I wonder if TOTS got the licensing to their version of the don post The Mask. I saw a picture of it a while back and it hit me with some serious nostalgia.

  3. I’m kind of curious if Chris O’donnell’s Robin exists in this movie….

  4. I get why people would want a tv show with the extended content that comes along with it buuut it kind of feels to me that a series would cheapen the brand a little bit. I know we’ve had some stinkers of movies in the franchise but something feels a little off having Halloween for a tv series.

  5. This guy has some serious blackmail on some seriously powerful people.

  6. Is he intimidating people at the voting polls with that outfit?

  7. Looks like you keep it in a shed! Put that shit in a glass case man!

  8. It was the first Halloween movie I actually hated. I remember leaving the theatre severely disappointed. Cringed the whole way through. The acting was horrible. The writing was lazy as fuck. Busta Rhymes was a complete joke. It was bad then and it’s bad now.

  9. I still feel like Bowie wasn’t given the proper amount of attention from the media when he passed. The man is an absolute icon.

  10. There is no left in American politics. Left is illegal in the US. McCarthyism, JFK, MLK, RFK, and on and on and on. We have an illusion of leftists simply to co-opt left voters into the war machine.

  11. Does he sort of look like Biff Tanon’s grandson Griff from Back to the Future 2 in this pic? Not trying to throw shade but he does certainly look like him.

  12. Texas Chainsaw Massacre has had films in each decade since the 70s as well.

  13. He’s one of the fakest, most inauthentic, and corporately sponsored politicians on the democratic side. A total opportunist. I don’t trust him at all. I don’t know what people see in him.

  14. “The word bipartisan usually means some larger-than-usual deception is being carried out.”

  15. His acting chops are a bit overrated imo. Like he’s fine as a side character but something about his performances seem a bit forced. So I’d say no Batman for him please.

  16. The dude has major juice brains and it has shown. His roid rage probably intimidated the DC execs into giving him what he ended up getting with Black Adam.

  17. I think having an actor who played Luther on TV come into a separate cinematic universe as Lex would cheapen the feel. Rosenbaum no.

  18. I think they took it down for not being clever enough. These Ends hate memes are lazy and dare I say lame.

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