I hate conservatives with a passion

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  1. Blair White is a traitor fucking bitch and can stick that gun up her ass. Cant stand her.

  2. I wonder if she forces her 7yo baby to suck her breasts. And it reminds me one of the Game of thrones character :D.

  3. … im going to be downvoted to hell but i feel like it’s borderline sexual abuse/codependency to be nursing past 3, much less 7, holy shit.

  4. Or she could be a chronic skin picker- i have a bad habit at picking acne/spots/etc on my face and it often makes my skin really red.

  5. Huh, so they did have the same mother- there was a dispute about that a while ago. Wonder what the story is. EDIT: never mind, read the story. The sad thing is how much of this kind of thing we’re going to see when RvW gets overturned 😵‍💫

  6. Stop caring as much as I do about what people think of me- this one's still a WIP but yeah.

  7. John Mulaney when I found out he most likely got Olivia Munn knocked up while he was still married to his wife Anna, who he completely blindsided with the divorce. Now IMO there are no valid male comedians.

  8. Wow, not to hump but I gotta tip my hat to JAbbie for spacing their kids so far apart (assuming she hasn't had miscarriages/ETC)

  9. That being "feminine" and acceptable to men was natural and very important. I became a misandrist lol

  10. My mother once said to me (I was prob 10), while she was having a breakdown and I was trying to console her. “The only way she would be happy was if a man loved her”.

  11. Nope- its not about preserving any lives, its all about control.

  12. I look like a moldy potato and have no idea how to not only flirt but find fellow queer ladies in my hometown 😵‍💫

  13. Of course he pulls the drunk card and plays victim when its more likely than not he was sober 🙄

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