1. Talia is such a beautiful baby

  2. She had a glamour moment in this pic but normally is the derpiest, silliest muppet

  3. why are all these trunks of the cars open

  4. i recommend collar bone length

  5. lol yeah it’s a pretty gender neutral name. ❤️

  6. Well there was a implication that it was my opinion, and like I said I don’t care what people like and really people shouldn’t care what others like. And as far as keeping opinions to one’s self, this is a Reddit memes comment thread this is where all opinions are expressed.

  7. here, yes you can express your opinions very loudly, of course. i meant in public. approaching someone to tell that the music they're playing is shit when that is clearly subjective. i meant that kind of expression. and ya it's your opinion this is my opinion and i don't think we'll agree at any point so yea. (p.s i didn't mean to make you mad or anything.)

  8. Ya, I mean I wouldn’t actually say that I would probably just think it and glare at them while I walk by but it doesn’t really matter. (No worries you didn’t make me mad sometimes I just type things quickly and it seems that way) anyway have a good rest of your day Reddit stranger.

  9. yea i understand, you too have a good day

  10. Thank you! He loves to snuggle, eat leave and do parkour off of peoples legs. also he loves to run.

  11. how nice. mine loves to do the same. but too much snuggling is a nay! he's a floofy boy so he could get uncomfortable fast haha

  12. Turbo only likes to snuggle when he wants to, if I smother him with love he pushes me off.but I love him so much I can’t help it. He’s my little baby.

  13. that is so relatable !! love dogs sm

  14. homelander is pretty fucked up

  15. really beautiful shot, just needs a little cropping in the bottom part

  16. the concealer didn't blend at all

  17. cry and piss on the bus stop to grow green grass

  18. i am so sorry for your loss. i can't imagine waking up and not seeing my doggo.

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