1. Still searching. The closest I've found is software for volunteers to sign up for an event, but it's still not quite what I need.

  2. Nothing would get me to share it. My children need to know their loving father, not the awful things I’ve seen and done. I have to live with it, they shouldn’t have to.

  3. I suppose I should have clarified. I don't mean the stories of the "awful things", but rather general stories of what it was like, where you were, what a "day in the life" was for you and your mates. I do understand that for some veterans, they have moments they don't want to relive, however that often comes at the expense of sharing very little at all with loved ones who deeply care for you and want to know what it was like for you, on a macro scale.

  4. Definitely the fish. My drop rate for roe is atrocious. If I'm lucky, I get 1 in 400 fish. Way more worth it to sell the fish as that's guaranteed! Easy 50k for 100 fish on PC/NA.

  5. I'll do you one better. I'm also PC/NA, selling for 595 per fish (all kinds), so 59,500 per 100, or 119,000 per stack. Mine also always sell in a day or two. I could lower the price to sell in a few hours, but why? A day or two is still good. I would raise your prices. This also means I don't have to spend a ton of time filleting stacks.

  6. It’s an air intake snorkel. The goal is to allow the engine to run while submerged.

  7. Thank you!! I tried looking it up and used all of the wrong terms. Why didn't I think of snorkel?? LOL

  8. Thank you!! I tried looking it up and used all of the wrong terms. Why didn't I think of snorkel?? LOL

  9. I use ebay and poshmark and feel like my sales have been pretty dead this month, what other sites do yalll use? (Personally have a distaste to Mercari due to a bad experience so besides that site) I mainly sell toys and collectibles but I have gotten into selling clothes recently as well.

  10. We use FB marketplace, ebay, mercari and our own website. Don't let one experience stop you from earnings. Get your listings back on mercari.

  11. We have been using List Perfectly for about 9 months. 1500ish listings. Works well, no major issues.

  12. I have run at 1% for the past 5 years. Periodically ran a few trials at higher rates and didn't see increased sales. In January I put over 2000 listings at the suggested add rate. Targeted mostly older listings.

  13. Those are excellent results. Was there an increase in both sales and impressions, or just sales?

  14. I was shocked at the results. Couldn't believe I waited that long to try it haha.

  15. There is no item description on the label. It seems to have a locking clip at its end.

  16. They look aftermarket to me. There might be a part number on the inside of the hat.

  17. There were no part numbers on those two parts.

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