Does he know?

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That's a little funny

  1. Mine always went absolutely crazy when she saw me eating raspberry jam. How dare I not share with her!

  2. Tuxie goes crazy when we eat anything! If your hands smell like apples he starts nipping your fingers 😂

  3. This fuzzy fellow is what the Tech community needs. Who needs ChapGPT, Data Science, or machine learning when we have this cutie?!😍🥰💋😊❤️

  4. I was going to ask isn't that also the name of the Linux Pingu, but I think that's just Tux.

  5. Tuxie is named after the baby penguin from Super Mario 64!

  6. I generally don’t like being a hater but when people post their raw bleeding prolapsed butthole of an ear and say “iS ThIs A BlOwOuT?” I die a little inside

  7. 😂😂 for real... part of my soul does the same thing their inverted fistula is doing and just dies.

  8. Or people that are like “I sized up from 16g-25mm in a month, i guess I’m just special 😏” and their ears are purple and on the brink of sepsis

  9. He’s just a smart bun and figured it out himself, but I pat the bed whenever he comes up so maybe he’ll associate it one day.

  10. Ohmagaawwwd, I love this for you!! 😍😍 Please share training tips on how you did this 🥹😭😭

  11. He figured it out himself, I’ve just started patting the bed when I see him looking at it so maybe he’ll learn to associate that with hopping up one day, who knows lol. I’m planning to do clicker training at some point too.

  12. He hasn’t felt like cuddling just yet but he does climb all over me and my partner.

  13. he's so cute that it's nauseating

  14. I cry and throw up every time I see him do anything so that’s relatable

  15. “How does the mirror know” it’s not a sentient being, you’re just moving your head 😭

  16. ah look at that giant beard! how old is she?

  17. She’s 5! Her previous owner overfed her so she has a lot of loose skin. She’s at a healthy weight now :)

  18. Probably just a factory defect. Happens all the time.

  19. /uj trans people in other countries advocating for gender-neutral pronouns in their native languages: am i a joke to you

  20. Trans people were invented by the English company to sell more English

  21. What if English was created by the tranners to sell more genders 🤔

  22. Bruh. First off this is one of the cutest buns I have ever laid my eyes on.🥺 I really like snow, frost, or frosty! His back looks like a light snow fall fell on him.❤️ pleasseee post more pics when he comes home.🥹❤️❤️

  23. I totally will! He's very popular already haha, don't want to let the fans down

  24. Give him an eviction notice, you don’t have to take this

  25. /uj my glasses have one circle and one square lens /rj because im nonbinary

  26. Somewhere in the first season, Walt starts talking about Steely Dan at breakfast with Skyler and Walt Jr. When neither of them know the band, Walt is in disbelief and starts talking about the members of the band; showing his love for them.

  27. It's when Walter is trying to fake being nonchalant- after Skyler asks him about the second cell phone the night before, he makes breakfast and tries to make light conversation and ends up talking about steely dan and boz scaggs. It's so cringy to watch

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