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  1. I found the cannonball run at savers last week as well! glad we both were lucky enough to get that gem.

  2. Was at both of those shows! Have the coffin poster hanging in my house, but haven't ever put this one up. Maybe I'll work it in.

  3. aw, lucky you, I was only at this one night but that coffin poster is so rad

  4. Can't decide if i like more the big lebowski or true romance

  5. honestly they are both tops for me. i wish they would come out with more collector editions of true romance but that arrow set is pretty rad.

  6. well...i haven't watched it yet actually. i am a bit afraid of disliking it. if not for my love of the big lebowski, it might be a fine film!

  7. tank girl!! I'm going to have to keep an eye out for that.

  8. came here to say this. my local thrifts have so many bags that would be perfect for groceries.

  9. Just watched Young Frankenstein the other night for the first time, great movie! Never heard of A Perfect World from Clint Eastwood!

  10. Young Frankenstein is actually a blind buy for me! I'm very excited to see it.

  11. I wonder how something like Licorice Pizza ends up in good will so quickly. Probably a gift someone didn't want.

  12. same. this is why I am trying to build a collection with second hand stuff, there's so much new or basically new (watched one time) DVDs and blu-rays at the thrifts.

  13. Dial M for Murder is really very, very good. I waited a long time to watch it and I wish I hadn't so I would vote for that.

  14. curious how you get Amazon returns? I really want to collect but I also don't want to buy everything brand new.

  15. There is a store near where I live that buys amazon return pallets and sells every piece at $1-$10, depending on the item. Dvds and blurays are only $1 each

  16. oh nice, I'll have to see if there is something similar around me. thanks!

  17. Encino Man is a good find! I used to watch that all the time when I was young, I would definitely pick it up if I ever came across it.

  18. Is that a DVD steelbook of Akira? I’ve never seen a steel for a DVD, only Blu/4K. Nice pickup

  19. it's not a steelbook. looking it up, it was a special edition with a tin case released in 2001. i didn't know it existed until i found it.

  20. i recently rewatched gone baby gone and it's such a great movie even better than i remembered, so that'd be my pick.

  21. Go to season 6 and check out the disc for Once More With Feeling. With some of those sets that disc was defective. Hope you got a good one!

  22. oh wow, i'll have to check it out. thanks for the tip!

  23. rise up in the cafeteria and stab them with your plastic forks!

  24. If you can get a physical copy of {{Griffin & Sabine by Nick Bantock}} there are literal physical postcards and letters and such in the book. It is short but beautifully made.

  25. came here to say this. i love this book.

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