hey coven, I'm having a hard time

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  1. Check for any patch of freshly dug dirt in your yard 🙃

  2. Avoid carbs, watch the weight melt away. There’s a good reason why keto and Atkins are popular.

  3. just keep in mind that "you're my favourite" is not a phrase that would be commonly used verbatim in the greek language to refer to their beloved. That said, mind the gendered word as mentioned in the comments and enjoy your new tattoo.

  4. Is it possible you have MCAS? Severe allergies can be tied to high histamine-I've found mine really died down with a combination of vitamins, if you are willing and able to give it a go.

  5. He’s way too pushy and creepy and you haven’t learned to trust yourself on when to stop accommodating that kind of shitty behaviour. Trust your gut, you Don’t owe the world politeness as rent. You can exist while being more self preserving.

  6. I’m going to share your reply whenever someone mocks people who can’t eat Gluten. Thank you for sharing!

  7. I have horrible autoimmune flare ups with gluten without having celiacs. There’s a thing such as non celiac gluten sensitivity. Basically had to go on a carnivore diet to stay in remission as much as possibl!

  8. Not that I know anything about the algorithm and trends and all that, but I think their adherence to their brand is only going to hurt them. Of course I want them to have healthy boundaries, but they should be more transparent about who they actually are. Like, Keith doesn’t always have to be funny and loud. Zach doesn’t always have to be cute and silly.

  9. I was actually extremely impressed with Zach's more serious and competent side, I used to watch more of their videos early on, and not the podcasts, so I never got that from him. Playing dumb can be fun to a degree, but I like their complexity much more.

  10. I think a good question to ask is: “would I still like this person if we met on equal footing in a non work environment?” Then you can figure out the power dynamic effect.

  11. In my experience, it’s just about as much ketosis, as food avoidance. Had a really bad relapse in thyroid induced anxiety with gluten traces.

  12. That interesting. I eat essentially zero gluten as well just because I have zero reason to add any suspect foods back in (and keto lol). However, I had a know someone well that had constant stomach issues and finally got tested, that was it and she was fixed in a few weeks after 10ish years figuring it out.

  13. it was prolonged exposue over the course of a few days, it was some sausages with herb mix in them with gluten (butcher made, not supermarket so I was tricked)

  14. Maybe something like “Αει πορευόμενος» always coursing?

  15. Indeed K2 , but if you are on heart medication this may have unwanted effects on bloodclotting. Consult your specialist in thst case.

  16. My sweet summer child. I’m taking over 10 vitamins per day. You have lots of way to go before it’s “too much” 😂 enjoy the better life quality, you’re doing great!

  17. Oh love, I am so so sorry about what happened to you. I'm sorry about what you have to tolerate in your own body now. I know this isn't much right now, and hope it doesn't come as insensitive, but I'd like to talk about body care. Consider starting L Lysine for herpes-it's an aminoacid supplement that helps a LOT with healing and then preventing outbreaks. Then, a good combination is D3+k2+magnesium, zinc and vitamin C to help your body keep it in check and suppressed.

  18. Eating healthy means nothing Unless you define what you do. I put my acne, Hashimotos, fatigue etc in remission by chugging saturated fat (coconut oil) and only eating meat, coffee and coconut oil along with a bunch of supplements (Ketogenic carnivore)

  19. Yeah, I have some advice. Sell me the house.

  20. Εγώ έχω το ίδιο και γενικά ιδρώνω αν κάνω έντονες κινήσεις εκτός από το κομμάτι της θερμοκρασίας. Τελικά έχω ένα σύνδρομο που λέγεται βαγοτονία. Δεν λειτουργεί ένα τμήμα του νευρικού συστήματος όπως στους υπόλοιπους ανθρώπους. Δεν είναι κάτι σοβαρο

  21. B1 βοηθαει πολύ το αυτόνομο νευρικό σύστημα, δες βίντεο του Elliott Overton.

  22. Η ζάχαρη επίσης μπορεί να σε φουντώνει, και καλά σου είπε άλλος για θυρεοειδή κτλ. Δες ινσουλίνη ΝΗΣΤΕΙΑΣ, αν είναι πάνω από 10 (ιδανικά είναι 5) είναι μεταβολικό θεματάκι.

  23. Use a marker/watercolour, then maaaaybe seal with an extra thin layer of hot glue if you feel confident. Or maybe nail polish.

  24. Veganism is not necessarily environtally friendly, exotic fruits flown around the world and processed, factory made fake meats are vegan for example. I eat as local as I can, but I’m also on a carnivore diet for health reasons.

  25. With the current drought and heatwave, they are hard pressed into action. I sincerely hope they get results from any kind of policy soon.

  26. That’s such a level of weird-on one hand, I love it, on the other hand it’s gotta be terrifying to live through. The questioning of knowledge is one thing (a good one), the method on the other hand….

  27. When I was a kid I thought my crush would fall for me if I showed her something truly cool -- how I could drink a glass of soy sauce without flinching.

  28. Time to go watch some chubby emu. People have died from soy sauce cleanses.

  29. How to french braid hair. So I start braiding, but then I have to bring more and more in each turn, and it just looks like ass. I can tear apart a carburetor, but I wish I could figure that shit out. At least my kid says "thanks for trying dad" lol.

  30. If she says “thanks for trying” she sounds like she does appreciate the effort. I always appreciate some hair care from loved ones!

  31. It’s only a cabana if it’s from the region of Campania in southern Italy, otherwise it’s a sparkling bell.

  32. Κρεμες μωρών πρωί βράδυ, παχαίνουν γαματα

  33. Πρωτεΐνη θέλει φίλε μου, κοκορετσι ντηπθροτ θέλει το παιδί όσο σηκώνει βαρη

  34. 58 πάνω κάτω, πρέπει να βάλω λίγα κιλά σε μύες παντως

  35. Ναι, περίπου. Είχαμε πει πριν 2 βδομάδες ότι θα πήγαινα, λένε ναι. 2 μέρες πριν το Πάσχα έστειλα, "έλα, να έρθω εν τέλει; έχετε δωμάτιο, ή να πάω σε airbnb;" Καμία απάντηση.

  36. Αν ήμουν φίλος σου και μου έλεγες ότι θα κατέβαινες θα σκεφτομουν α ωραία, έκλεισε δωμάτιο, να βρεθούμε να τα πουμε. Δεν θα καταλάβαινα ότι περίμενες να σε φιλοξενήσω.

  37. Τότε πες απλά "οκ, θα τα πούμε την Παρασκευή απόγευμα όταν κατέβεις από το airbnb". Να πεις ότι πανικοβλήθηκες γιατί προτιμάς να μείνεις μόνο με κοπέλα δεν είναι κακό.

  38. nah, ακούγεσαι πολύ αυτοδικαιολογητικός και κουραστικός, λες συνέχεια τι θα επρεπε να είχαν πει οι άλλοι και δεν σκέφτεσαι στιγμή τι έπρεπε να έλεγες εσυ.

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