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  1. Is it me or wendys red uniforms are kinda cool

  2. I live on a 9th floor so I doubt a truck will crush into my bed

  3. The 13 year old American redditor watching 30 ICBMS enter the atmosphere

  4. I didn’t know I needed lemoncat in my life

  5. AKCHUALLY it would be impractical for an anthro to wear glasses of this design as the frames would have no support from the side of the face like they would with human ears. 🤓

  6. They don’t even have support, only holding by Devine intervention itself

  7. "the government is overrepresented by freemasons" kinda points to this video being made by a conspiratoral whackjob

  8. shoutout to ear tufts gotta be one of my favorite oc design details

  9. And where are you? that's right, you died 400 Million years ago lol.

  10. They were then charged with public indecency and put in jail for 1 year

  11. i really can't tell if you're joking or just stupid

  12. Perhaps 23.11.2028 is the date you go on a date with the deer? You meet at the exact same spot you first met. You awkwardly try to say hello but it sound more like "h..i..hel..lll.ooo". The deer just chuckles and smiles at you. It starts to walk away hinting at you to follow it. You do follow it. After about 7 minutes of walking you reach place in the woods. There are two chairs and one table. You can see candles all around the area(fake candles by the way). There's a pot of food on the table. You don't know what food, but you can smell it, it smells nice and in a weird way like home. You and the deer sit down at the table. The deer starts giving you food from the pot. It's spaghetti with meatballs. Now that both of you have food you try some of it. You can hardley believe it. You never had anything this good. You both finish your food in blissfull silence. You say "Wow that was good. Thank you.". The deer now starts to look at you seductively. Altough the deer can't speak to you in your toung you know what it wants. You can read those big beutiful eyes. They say "Ravish me, Ravish me, RAVISH ME". You forget all human taboos about man and animal. You lean in for a kiss. It passiontly french kisses you back. After about 4 hours of passiont animalistic intercourse. You lay there sweating. You look over at the deer. It's the most beutiful creature you have ever seen.

  13. Через snowflake на пк либо впн если на телефоне

  14. I’m yet to see it be done right instead of just a caption of something like “when you eat spicy food” or some other unfunny shit that has been done 30k times

  15. Really, some artists be making thighs the size of an oil barrel like damn chill out bro

  16. Actually distressing, I want to cry from watching this

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