1. Please explain a little for those who don’t.. what’s a catholic mistake exactly

  2. ??? I mean sure I’d rather him dine with Bernie Sanders but, if you think he should be dining with Trump then you are insane.

  3. He fits in the category of being described as "beautifully ugly" the two most famous examples of this are Jean-Paul Belmondo and Humphrey Bogart

  4. I found out no Native American but an absolute ass load of Basque which feels like an interesting trade

  5. a large amount of land in south texas was given to settlers from the basque region in order to help colonise that area so maybe there's something there!

  6. Oh interesting! I know my mother is full French Basque, but I was significantly more than half so it seems there was some in my father's side too

  7. that's likely - you may have also just inherited more of your mother's dna markers than your father's too. the way dna tests work is that they test what dna you have and those genomes are assigned to certain regions based on research - so it's not necessarily that that's your full ethnic background. two siblings could have different percentages, say one gets 30% italian the other gets 27%, because the first one inherited more dna markers from their parents assigned to italy in the database.

  8. I love how this post blew up I was only surprised because the only time I’ve seen something like that is in the states and they were Amish Ireland’s a weird country and I’m starting to like it more the more I find out

  9. please do not believe the people telling you they're amish 😭

  10. TL;DR it’s just a celebrity, move on with your life, they probably just want to be left alone.

  11. I feel like Kanye saying George Bush doesn't care about black people. Nowadays if a black celebrity said the US government or president doesn't care about the black community, particularly if they said it online, it wouldn't be "surprising" per se depending on the figure. But when Kanye did that it was a massive thing.

  12. i read the question wrong and thought it was like an action by a celebrity but anyway thank you 😭

  13. Jason Mendoza from The Good Place is the ultimate himbo, so I think Jason is a good choice lol.

  14. Anyone else think of the always sunny character? Not as a disparager OP just my first association lol.

  15. if you haven't heard of florian you can easily think this so i don't blame you but it's entirely its own name! really common in germany.

  16. Saoirse. Pronounced Sair-sha. Also because if that was your name you'd probably be constantly explaining the right pronunciation. But it LOOKS nice.

  17. i've always known it and pronounced it as seer-sha! i think (know) that's actually the most common pronunciation but saoirse ronan made it famous with a different one 🤷‍♀️

  18. genuinely curious as to why so many of these names are irish names.. like the psychology of why lol not being passive aggressive

  19. I don’t think so!! Problem is I actually already have an Everly 🙈😂

  20. Thank you lol. I also named another daughter after Aaliyah. They both are my two music lovers.

  21. Ireland here. Old people names are for men Jarlath, Seamus, Colin, Brian, Albert, and for women, Deirdre, Fionnuala, Maeve, Dearbhla, Sharon, Dorothy, Heather (and lots more I can't think of right now!)

  22. You know full well that Gaeilge is on its last legs. Yes, the sports are going well. There's Halloween, St. Patrick's day, puck fair, & St. John's eve (which is barely celebrated much). There's not much else. Does ploughing even count?

  23. gaeilge's hardly on its last legs. maybe it's the circles i run in but a lot of younger people do like it and try to speak it. musical acts like kneecap are getting very popular, gaeilge societies in colleges have a lot of members. being pessimistic about it doesn't help anything.

  24. You really aren't making contact with reality if you don't think Irish is struggling

  25. so tommy's brother worked with the recently defunct boxing organisation mtk global. mtk global was founded by daniel kinahan, who is the head of the kinahan drug cartel - an irish cartel currently engaged in a bloody feud with the rival hutch cartel. their feud has lead to multiple deaths mainly in ireland but also abroad, including civilians caught in the line of fire. daniel kinahan is hiding out in dubai but is seriously powerful. in an effort to catch them/reduce their power anyone associated with the kinahan gang (up to 600 people) has been banned from entering the usa.

  26. Are there even countries in the world where milk is bad?

  27. I'm from Ireland and our milk is so so different to Spanish milk lol. I love Spain and Spanish food generally but I have to concede that Irish dairy is so so much better.

  28. Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. They work to support the concept. They're there for a reason, cutting them removes that element.

  29. nah cause what is college dropout without the lil jimmy skit or graduation day lol

  30. Over absolutely everything? Please people make compromises for thousands of reasons. Not all lives are the same.

  31. ppl fr think he has some sort of connection to frank when he's just a fan account who got some viral tweets lol

  32. When was Beyonce's last hit? Genuinely can't remember

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