1. Thanks for the advice guys but I don't want to take anything, at least not for now. I'm still young and whatever I have by my late twenties I will be able to live with it!

  2. Perhaps children breaking a plate and then not caring about it can make the parents even more frustrated because children can be stupid and lack empathy

  3. Cigarettes depend on the state it is manufactured for. The paper has tiny little rings on it. They are designed to make the cigarette go out if it is not puffed on.

  4. Thanks guys. Good thing this subreddit exists because that was a pretty stupid question

  5. thanks. I changed my settings so I can't see adult content on reddit. It's not much but I'll take anything I can get to make it less accessible

  6. You're probably a friend to her. All good move on

  7. speak only after you have won NNN, otherwise you are only criticizing something you do not understand - and that is something very easy to do.

  8. 2018, I did it when I was 15, can't get much harder than that.

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