Senator Chris Murphy asking his fellow senators why they run for Senate if they aren't trying to help people

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  1. Also how funny would it be if Keegan, a 6’8 SF/PF that isn’t even known for prodigious rebounding becomes a better rebounder than Bagley was even with his “double jump” and 3 extra inches.

  2. So have we settled on a nickname for Frankie? I’ve seen Ford, Fiat, Pinto, do we have a consensus?

  3. Not even Sainz or Leclerc can fix our Ferrari.

  4. Kings sub is calling him Frankie Ford

  5. Ford: “Found On the Road Dead”

  6. Watch Vivek let go of Monte and hire his daughter Anjali Ranadive (Assistant GM for Stockton), that would single handedly drop the Kings subreddit following by 50,000+. As crazy as that sounds I can totally see Vivek doing that too.

  7. Play him like Klay and he’ll be amazing. If he gets handles the league better watch out.

  8. Middleton with the potential to be PG like as an absolute ceiling.

  9. No offense but whoever y'alls starting center is, he is straight fucking garbage. It's so fucking funny hearing him start yelling on defense after he gets a dunk or a bucket extra loudly. He just plays so goofy it's not exactly productive.

  10. Portugal not gonna be happy with this comment lol

  11. First Vettel now Verstappen with amazing recoveries. Both looked like they were literally planned.

  12. Petition to make Goatifi or 🐐-ifi a flair. Make it happen Mods, give it to the people!

  13. Where are all the people now saying Latifi should be dropped hmmmm? Latifi boutta evolve into the 🐐ifi

  14. The 2013 class outside of Giannis, CJ, and Gobert was historically weak and pretty much every player in the top 10 ended up busting.

  15. The 2013 class outside of Giannis, CJ, and Gobert was historically weak and pretty much every player in the top 10 ended up busting (Remember the top prospects were seen as Len, Noel, McLemore, no clear number 1).

  16. Brooooo why not Queta? Give him minutes! A solid defender that can give lots of space for the shooters aswell (biased opinion ofc, as a portuguese)

  17. I think Queta can definitely be something, but I’d want to see him get summer league and preseason minutes first before making an assessment since this is his sophomore year. Wouldn’t hurt to sign a big man to a one year deal, but would love to see Queta get more minutes than he did last year bc for whatever reason Luke and Alvin are just allergic to developing young talent and over trusting veterans.

  18. Murray is so underrated by this sub, no one talks about him because he has Tim Duncan personality and went to a small market team, but I think he has outstanding potential: his IQ and feel for the game is off the charts and makes up for his average athleticism.

  19. Imagine Vlade making this trade, we would have sent an unprotected pick for Huerter plus some. Kings finally have a competent GM that won’t cave in to Vivek’s meddling nor has zero IQ.

  20. Biggest name since Vlade so far! Baby steps!

  21. You forgot to put a King’s crown on his balding head 👑

  22. Imagine if Ham actually is the first to break the news that KD is a King, idk if he’d be seen as a saint here or become even more unbearable than he was during the draft process.

  23. If KD joins the Kings then everyone is a saint, I will kiss Vivek on the cheek and forgive Vlade.

  24. If Vivek decides to meddle on this possible deal I will 100% walk away from my fandom of the Kings. Monte better keep Vivek as FAR AWAY as possible from The Sawyer (Kings HQ).

  25. I’m not saying Ivey will become either player but Ivey literally has the ability to be someone like Prime Westbrook (minus the playmaking Russ has) and note: Westbrook didn’t have eye-popping stats at UCLA, 12.7/4.3/3.9, or will bust hard like Dennis Smith Jr. who had Uber athleticism and was held in very high regard that draft class but look how he turned out.

  26. We’re gonna look back 5 yrs from this photo and the NBA will realize what a massive mistake it was leaving Keegan off. I’m sure he saw the photo already and is extra motivated.

  27. Lol neither did Davion and we still drafted him, if Monte likes Ivey we’re taking Ivey or whoever falls.

  28. If Lebron ever gains weight I hope this is a new nickname for him ✋☠️

  29. What's wrong with the airport? I like or airport. Or do you mean expanding the amount of direct flights?

  30. There’s been a plan to expand our light rail via the Green Line through South and North Natomas and end at SMF. They’ve planned this extension since around the 90s but lack of funding has caused SacRT to only expand the Green Line to Township Nine.

  31. They do have a nicer zoo than us lol

  32. Harvard ranked us the most diverse city in America in 2002

  33. Eliminate Citizens United, it has screwed over the country on so many levels in terms of how politicians are finances.

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