1. Just say you've only played Skyrim already, damn

  2. i'm not saying nords are the most racist, just saying they're far from the least

  3. Every race in the elder scrolls in insanely racist towards the others, and in the grand scope Nords are pretty tame imo

  4. Well, you hardly need to specify that it's foul, considering everything you do is foul already

  5. Barbarian would make you beefier, and you can just wear a chefs apron instead of armor.

  6. I will be dead in the cold ground before I listen to Doja Cat for inspiration lol

  7. It's Morrowind nostalgia armor from Ghosts of the Tribunal

  8. Probably just trying to extend their copyright claims so that no one else can make Harry Potter stuff, so I wouldn't expect anything good to come from it

  9. Not really, Arthur most likely just told the ministry what was up, considering he works for them and had plans in place to go get Harry

  10. By menace to society do you mean social situations? Or just menace in general

  11. Not all beasts' statblocks use the phrase "natural weapon". For example, Polar Bears and Brown Bears have "Bite. Melee Weapon Attack:" and "Claws. Melee Weapon Attack:", but nothing about natural weapons.

  12. Personally, I think it falls under rule of cool at this point, and if your DM won't let you play Jesus Scorpion, I would simply have them assassinated

  13. Its pretty obvious its going to end up releasing at the end of 2023, beyond the fact they were having issues with it, MS just have too many games coming out at the start of the year and none at the end. It makes sense to give them more time to polish while spreading their releases out so there arent major gaps. People obviously dont want to hear it, but you know its going to happen.

  14. People downvoting simply because they don't want to believe you lol, classic reddit

  15. Flurry of blows and stunning strike are two of their worst features. both are traps. You should only be using stunning strike on casters, and monks make amazing mage hunters, mainly because thats their role in 5e. Unless you go drunken master or mercy monk, you should almost never be using flurry of blows. At early levels it isnt worth the ki, and at later levels it isnt worth the ki.

  16. You know what else is a great mage hunter? Paladin, fighter, rogue, gloom ranger, moon druid, you name it really

  17. Not everything is about doing flat damage or having a high ac. Monks get, prof saves, advantage on saves, the ability to shake off fear and charmed, immunity to poison and disease, protection from magical aging, un-counterable invisibility, damage resistance, ridiculous movement, stuns, lots of hits for concentration checks, evasion, practical immunity to fall damage, the ability to understand any language, and almost all of it without any resource cost.

  18. Paladins get charisma mods for saves (earlier than monks get prof or advantage) they get Heroism at second level for fear immune, and high charisma for charm saves, basically all spell casters get greater invisibility, most casters get stunning abilities (or things that are better than stuns) rogues get bonus action dash, disengage and hide (for free!) Literally everything that a monk can do, other classes can do better, that's my basis for saying monks suck, and when people say "well they're a jack of all trades" guess what, bards and rogues do that better, too. I will say though, fun comes first, but fun doesn't mean that the monk is suddenly good at things

  19. The worst part is it’s worthless yet some how to only thing of value you have lol

  20. Project much? Lol, you literally know nothing about me, keep trying though

  21. You troll for fun and comment on crap from last week, pretty much tells me your life story. Bet you spend most your time on video games, and are probably in your 20s with little money and if you do have any it comes from a parental figure, your not Batman lol.

  22. Bro I responded late because I've been working and just got on my weekend so I just got on reddit, the only thing you said that was accurate was that ik in my 20's, so good job Professor Detective lol, and I don't even live in the same state as my parents anymore lol, so once again, keep trying

  23. Damn, really glad I don't have to play with that dm 💀💀

  24. I think you are the one who belongs to

  25. Is this subreddit really this dumb? Lol, I don't even know how to make the joke that I made any more simple for you, obviously I know that murder is illegal, the secret service part of the joke was just a meme, and saying it's illegal is a joke in itself because obviously legality isn't the reason he didn't die

  26. Homie that aint even close to being a woosh

  27. Are you trying to say that trans people are pedophiles or are you saying they suffer more sexual abuse then other people? I looked up “3% of trans people 20% sexual abuse” and I came up an article from the crimes office explaining how specific groups of trans people (white, black etc.) suffer more abuse depending on what groups they fit into. I don’t think it’s the entire trans population has suffer sexual abuse. They also make up 18% of the population so I’m kinda confused as to what you’re trying to say.

  28. Baited idiot, I wasted your time, mission accomplished

  29. Even if that's a fact, it doesn't mean they're serial killing psychopaths. A murderer does so because they're a terrible person, not because they're trans, or any other defining thing.

  30. I got a 3k on pearl A as raze by nading over the high wall with one of my satchels from Attacker side into that little left hallway (with the window idk what it's called) and one of my OWN TEAMMATES called me out for using no skill agents... meanwhile he was playing Neon and half his kills were with his Ult

  31. "Game changer" doesn't always mean "good"

  32. Going to Reddit for advice on picking up girls is like going to a homeless shelter for financial advice

  33. As someone who recently changed my Paladins race (still in creation) for a +2 CHA which rounded me up to 20 I feel way better having 20 CHA than I would having an extra 20hp, because Lay On Hands gives me a free 20hp pool to play with if I need it anyways and the +5 CHA mod for all saving throws at Lvl 6 is what makes a paladin a better tank than a barb imo, you basically have the statistical equivalent of advantage on every saving throw

  34. No, the card isn't centered on the start button...

  35. Clerics have access to extra attack as well tho it’s divine strikes. If you count smite surely you could spirit guardian too

  36. well divine smite is free with a melee action whereas spirit guardians is a fully separate spell, so comparing the two is quite literally comparing spell damage to melee attack damage

  37. You need to work on your sarcasm. Lol I’m not arguing with anybody. Chill out a bit “numb nuts”

  38. It's text, what do you want me to do highlight and label it for you?

  39. If you’re trying to be sarcastic, put some effort in my boy.

  40. Why out effort into something I don't care about

  41. If you are afk during prep phase, why should you expect anyone else to do shit? Stop being part of the problem. Maybe they were all afk during prep phase too.

  42. I'm normally the one to re-enforce every round, but even I go afk for a few seconds sometimes, life is still happening around me and especially in casual life is more important, that being said they never said they expect anyone else to do shit, they were saying it's just crazy that not a single person was active or willing to reinforce, because this is a real problem with playing a game like siege casually, it just requires alot of attention to play and most people is casual aren't giving it that attention, which puts pressure on the people who are giving it attention, thus making it less fun

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