Father Juan Pablo takes abandoned dogs out of the streets, feeds them and bathes them. He then presents a dog to every mass to find each one a home.

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  1. Gonna disagree with great execution. As photorealistic paintings go, it's pretty crap.

  2. Fabulous! I like this so much better than any photorealistic pencil drawing.

  3. answer: basically he started an online pharmacy that charges cost +15% instead of the insane markups many drugs have. This means people can get prescription drugs for a fraction of what they would pay through profit driven pharmacies healthcare.

  4. Is it weird that he used an anti-tapeworm drug (of all things) as his example? Seems pretty obscure.

  5. It's got a brain the size of a tight little fist, so it probably doesn't think the breeze is weird.

  6. this is the system we have right now but where hoping for something more long term

  7. We've been using a bucket with dried leaves for a couple of years. Just built a new outhouse structure for it. As long as urine is diverted, it smells musty, but not septic.

  8. The Democratic Party hasn't been a democratic party since Clinton.

  9. I moved to a tech role more welcoming of tenured folks. In tech, Product/Program/Project management, IT GRC, and internal audit are all deep water.

  10. I could just email the city inspector as a false person to not have them catch onto to me. Or from your experience can I get a permit to build this legally ?

  11. You could, but you need to email the county, not city, and they probably won't respond to some random email inquiry.

  12. Aside from the obvious, that woman has the ass of a 10 year-old boy.

  13. Maybe this is a regional thing, but I detest the Mr./Mrs./Ms. Firstnameonly practice. If they haven't given you permission to call them by their first name or a nickname ("Call me Bob!") then stick with Mr./Mrs./Ms. Lastname or other appropriate title.

  14. It's regional and industry specific...sometimes even job specific. The more conservative the region, industry, and company, the more likely that honorifics are expected. Unless the person's in sales. Then it's always Dicky, Debbie, or Jonesy.

  15. Cicada (also confusing called locust in the US South) emerging from its shell.

  16. Larger tires travel more distance over a single rotation but they require more force to turn. In a perfect world with no friction it equals out. Larger tires also have more rotational inertia so you need to put more energy into them to start them spinning and to slow down and are physically larger which increases air resistance

  17. Rotational inertia is an efficiency, though. As for a flywheel. Over a longer trip why wouldn't this still make larger tires (or at least larger wheels) more efficient?

  18. Your daughter wants to work, she's right that she can probably be replaced, and longevity in jobs make it easier to find better jobs. I can see why saying no is scary for her.

  19. I'd expect the same for a man showing up in a sleeveless clinging tank and sandals. There's is such a thing as dressing respectfully.

  20. It's so impressive to me that the young women I work with seem to assume they'll be treated equally and will do/not do things accordingly. My generation, while we support equality, will still fetch cupcakes for all of the meetings and accept the shit pink-collar projects that their male colleagues can't be bothered with.

  21. Captain Watson was overthrown and removed from the board of directors

  22. The new board wants Sea Shepherd US to be a research only org., not direct action, well you know Paul he is all about direct action, so they took him off and everyone who supports him off the board aswell

  23. Wait... I thought direct action was Sea Shepherd's defining value. Wasn't that the crux of the 2008 issue with Greenpeace?

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