1. It's funny how this makes anyone with IT experience cringe.

  2. Except me with 20+ years of IT experience and proof this works as a preventative measure.

  3. shutting down doesn't really do anything if you have fast boot on right? what you really want to be doing is a full restart

  4. See he said badly, but lets all be honest here.. this is one of the most accurate descriptions of the Bible... this is over 50% of the context for the bible. Its either this, or plans/events leading up to one of these points.

  5. Yes 100% power doesnt work like data, it doesnt care how far its bent it will still deliver the same amount of power.

  6. literally any 5000 series CPU. Best one being the 5800x3d worst one being the 5600x but realistically the 5600x is going to be 30-40% faster than the 2600x so you are going to get a major upgrade either way.

  7. So yes you will have to upgrade the CPU which means new Mobo and Ram, basically you are going to be rebuilding the entire system.

  8. Oh your power supplies are exploding? Guess it's the customers fault.

  9. LMAO ya really. Im more talking about the 50+ people you have to be transfered to and 14 hours you have to spend on the phone to get anything covered under warranty.

  10. XD saying this like games havent been 80euros/USD for the past 5 years.

  11. The only statements I've made are on what you are doing. I haven't engaged with you prior to my previous post, that was someone else.

  12. Ah my apologies, ignore the potions directed at the other gentleman.

  13. Correct, this was in response to him contradicting me. His comment didnt have any reasoning behind it, no explination, no critical thinking, no reasoning.

  14. I would love to but i think your account is locked for messaging, it says "unable to message this account" And i cant post the link here because reddit sees it as selling stuff and removes it..

  15. Oh thats good! Good luck my man! And have a look around i only gave this a 2 minute search, i guarantee there are a dozen options for you.

  16. Laptops really shouldnt be looked at as gaming mashines, they are so expensive for worse parts they will never last you as long as a desktop

  17. I wouldnt trust Newegg at all, they are a pretty scummy company.

  18. Pretty standard, if you want them lower you will have to get something like a 360mm rad.

  19. DDR2 and DDR3 are not compatible, they dont even have the same slot connection.

  20. So really doesnt mean anything a company like alphabet probably tops this list year over year because they have millions of employees and this kind of a layoff would be less than 0.1% of their staff which is quite low.

  21. TBH any paid VPN service is going to do this, id just go with the cheapest one if thats all you want.

  22. I use express VPN, havent had any issues with it, been using it for 7 years now.

  23. TBH id go get something from a reputable brand so it doesnt burn your house down... im not familiar with Toshiba power supplies and their failure rates

  24. No that's a power box psu, toshiba is the HDD. Sorry Reddit screwed the allingment

  25. I dont see anything in your post that says power box... nor have i ever heard of a company called power box that makes PSUs

  26. Specs of current and new hardware???? Prices???? Can your laptop even be upgraded? Hardly any of them can.

  27. You need to do more research on QLC SSDs, they're not as good as the TLC stuff in most decent SSDs nowadays, and nowhere near the PS5s SSD. A simple Google search will suffice but TLDR: less endurance and less speed, it's pretty obvious from the TBW rating

  28. " You need to do more research on QLC SSDs, they're not as good as the TLC stuff in most decent SSDs nowadays, and nowhere near the PS5s SSD. A simple Google search will suffice but TLDR: less endurance and less speed, it's pretty obvious from the TBW rating "

  29. It doesn't make a difference NOW, but it will in the future as more games start to utilize the SSDs more. We just got our first DirectStorage game (Forspoken) and there's been a few examples of games with near zero loading like Rift Apart. Also whether or not it makes a difference, it's still not equivalent in storage, speed or reliability (QLC is well known to have a low endurance rating)

  30. CPU you arnt going to find anything cheaper, its 100 bucks, But its more than enough especially for black ops3 the CPU is last years gen and will run modern games from 2022. BO3 came out in 2015... 8 years ago.

  31. Why emulate? Just install windows XP for real on a VM... no emulation needed.

  32. Because that's what a piece of metal looks like when a bullet goes through it. The way the metal folds is different than when a punch or something is used. Besides it would be harder to fake the hole than just to walk up to the real gate and find a bullet hole. Sticking the round through is kind of weird, but still, I don't see what's supposed to be scary about it.

  33. Its also conveniently what a piece of metal looks like when a nail goes through it, or a rock flung by a tire, thats such a thin piece of metal you could poke a hole through it and blow the paint off it with a nail gun.

  34. It's probably a 9mm hole with a 5.56mm round, though it's possible it's a .45 cal. hole with a 7.62mm round.

  35. 720 dollar build with a 180 dollar GPU that cant run anything.. when you can spend 180 dollars and get a 2070super which is 140%% better...

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