1. They’re actually very docile and will likely not attack you ever. Don’t poke it tho

  2. Honestly, I’ve heard of people holding them like it’s no biggy. They’re more interested in getting away. Obviously I’d advise against that but, you do you lol

  3. No way I’m going to try and hold one, but I’ve seen the youtube videos. They’re fun to watch and gorgeous though.

  4. How much did the materials cost in total?

  5. I had some scrap 1/4” plywood that i used for the seat base, but 2” seat foam, 1/2” fabric coated foam, marine vinyl, and spray adhesive was around $45. i think i could have made about 3 seats with that material.

  6. here’s the video i used to sew the cover. There are some other videos of shaping foam out there:

  7. Likewise, wasn’t too hard but i think i may have bent my front rotor. i didn’t watch the video first so mea culpa.

  8. One final delay from friday to monday, but luckily was camping anyway and didn’t mind.

  9. totally agree. it also rips up grass hills like a champ

  10. stoked for you, mine is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.

  11. Does yours just say “label created” or does it have a estimated delivery date

  12. mine is label created with a delivery date but as of now it hasn’t been picked up yet. so no movement

  13. I still haven’t received my ups shipping update even they said I should have … oh man this isn’t looking good

  14. Anybody get a update with the UPS shipping. Haven’t received a tracking number or anything and Ariel rider got the fedex trailer back on Saturday to unload and reload it to ups

  15. not yet. Seems like from the OP that we may not get shipment until middle of next week. I was thinking of contacting them again today but I don’t want to just make extra work for them for no reason.

  16. If your implying FedEx is the reason for your Ariel bike delay your mistaken.

  17. i didn’t get the same email as you, so I can’t say for sure that my grizzly order isn’t delayed for the same reason, but the explanation they gave me is plausible and I don’t have a reason to doubt it at this point.

  18. If you look at the Facebook group plenty of people have been getting them but it takes about 2 weeks for fedex to deliver them

  19. I'm also not on facebook, but that's great to hear!

  20. Looks like UPS will be shipping our bikes after all. I'm sure you guys saw the email about fedex returning the truck full of bikes.

  21. When did you order your grizzly and cancel your order? Mine is supposedly coming today according to FedEx

  22. If it arrives today be sure to post. I ordered my grizzly in early may and fedex is “pending”, so any glimmer of hope is appreciated!

  23. i got my email on sunday. The thing that annoys me the most about FedEx is that they still say the shipping label was created with no other updates, but also that it’s expected delivered today by end of day. They are a logistics company, why wouldn’t the expected arrival day either shift or disappear if they haven’t received the shipment?

  24. so arielrider is just making labels and not actually shipping the bikes a week later? Or have you confirmed with arielrider that they did ship it and it is just a fedex glitch?

  25. Bike didn’t arrive on Friday and Fedex never said the shipment was picked up. The email said it could take a week for the tracking number to go active, so hopefully it is picked up tomorrow.

  26. move to austin from california and make it cool, forced to move because more people from california came here cuz it's cool.

  27. You can clearly see the officer holding the throttle down. There's a kill switch that immediately shuts the bike off right next to that same throttle. Seems more like the driver was trying to save his bike from falling/taking off and potentially injuring both of them more than it seems like he's trying to drive off.

  28. clutch on the left hand side and rev limiter, no need to stress. all biker needs to do is turn them keys but doesn't.

  29. that's a landspout, it's a dust devil on steroids but rarely more than F1 tornado wind. They look like inverted tornadoes and are caused by strong updrafts like waterspouts.

  30. What Adam and Ben did was reprehensible. Business decisions, but to stab your friend of 15 years in the back over a Twitter scandal crosses so many lines. It’s aggressively unnecessary, and reveals them as spineless and untrustworthy. They deserve to be canceled far more than John. I sincerely hope that they experience failure and abandonment in their future business endeavors. Fuck Ben, and Fuck Adam.

  31. I feel ya, but they don't deserve to be cancelled. They do deserve to hear from (former) fans who are disappointed in them, and I personally won't listen to what they do, but I don't think they need to be cancelled or get rage filled tweets/emails/etc.

  32. Ken did a good job. Stuck up for him on Twitter and weathered an attempted cancellation without backing down.

  33. I respect him so much more after that. The more I've learned about Ken the more I really like him.

  34. The main thing with butt wipes isn't just that they have some liquid in them. They're a stronger fiber so you can like. Do a bit more of a cleaning?

  35. I was thinking the same thing. That sounds like a sure fire way to end up with a breach.

  36. How courageous and brave of the JoCo cruise to take such a principled stand against sexual harassment...months later and only after they have cover from the dogpile on roderick. It's cool though, they drop a mea culpa and are in the clear.

  37. I understand, at the same time I worry about how I or others can redeem themselves, if at all (or even if they should) when they do or say something stupid, mean, or worse. This whole thing really made me think about how I conduct myself and how others may intepret it. I don't think I've been a jerk or insensitive, but that's my perception. I think my own general anxieties are feeding into that doubt of "am i a good person?, can i make up for not being a good person?".

  38. Everyone deserves and requires redemption at some point. Cultural norms change, people change — you'd be hard pressed to find a person who has lived a full life without saying or doing something regrettable.

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