1. drinking mostly affects the liver less so the kidneys. so not sure this is quite on par with the other comments, particularly the ones involving prostitutes, dating underage girls, and racial hate crime.

  2. That’s not the point. Regular people who have to wait years for organs don’t get to drink and live it up, because substance abuse precludes you from the list. My brother died while waiting for a kidney, but Selena gets to jump the list because she had a volunteer donor and chooses to drink and do drugs anyway.

  3. Their father is Palestinian. Yolanda is Dutch, so their half. I think they're only fluent in English, though

  4. Ftr Bella’s dad is a really interesting IG follow—posts lots of facts about Palestine and lots of old family pics. Bella looks a lot like her grandmother

  5. Do you realize that most of us have never heard of her, thus don’t know your deep dives lol

  6. Reeks of Jen Shah’s marketing scam…any SLC Housewives fans here?

  7. If she can't keep her social media accounts straight, what hope does she have for avoiding tax misery?

  8. Lmao I googled it and everything and I can't figure it out

  9. I think gen z will destroy the Kardashians. They used to set trends but now they’re following them. The bbl era is over and so are poots. People hate them for destroying the environment and showing off their wealth. It isn’t really cool anymore.

  10. Ashley yeeted herself into arrested development when she went to Boise State and couldn’t figure shit out. She has literally never participated in the real world.

  11. And if you weren’t referring to the show arrested development and don’t get the reference, I’d been meaning to comment on your name since seeing it pop up once before, so ha!

  12. She should stay just 3 weeks in Europe if she can't afford to pay for tickets to see monuments. 5 weeks seem excessive if you can't afford any extras

  13. Imagine considering Roman cathedrals to be “extra.” This girl is honestly gross

  14. A lot of people say that the staff doesn’t care about the animals, that we are lying and aren’t in a space crisis, that we don’t do enough work, etc. it’s all ridiculous claims from people who haven’t actually seen or experienced the shelter first hand.

  15. What’s your euthanasia policy? Genuinely asking because I’m not familiar with y’all, just with APA

  16. Same as APA, no kill except for when it is medically necessary or the humane thing to do. There are still behavior euths but very very very few and there’s a million steps and evaluation each case must go through for it to ever get to that point.

  17. So are you guys more generous with humane euthanasia than APA? I had to stop supporting them when I saw the number of 20yo cats on dialysis they were trying to adopt out to inexperienced homes.

  18. I get you too! The post requires an explanation. I also call my son “honey”, I don’t think I call him “MY HONEY” when I reference him to others. But I say, my baby, my little one, etc. I think given her history, I understand why some can make the leap and assume that the role of Luna in this sentence is the role of “a lover” roaming around Rome in this post.

  19. The sentence is literally imposed on a photo of Luna. There is no doubt about who the post is about. The leap is not being made.

  20. Everyone, everyone, everyone CALM DOWN. We hate Cassie because of how horrible she is with her daughter. Let’s shake hands and continue snarking together. We’re all funny and smart! Let’s not ruin it. SHAKE HANDS 🙌

  21. “new jawline” i can’t with the fact they just get these things done like no biggie and then act like nothing ever happened to their faces💀 new jawline who dis

  22. I genuinely don’t understand how it’s possible. I’ve had facial reconstruction surgery and it was a major life disrupter.

  23. I don’t think Kris had them in a Taken situation lol but I think it’s closer to the rumors that have plagued Mohamed Hadid for years—using the girls to cement business deals and earn personal favors

  24. What do you mean it has plagued hadid for years? What did he say?

  25. There have been rumors around for ages that Bella and Gigi did the yacht circuit to advance Daddy’s business interests

  26. I could care less about a wonky hip or thigh, the constant slew of promoting useless objects bothers me the most. What's that purse even for, aside from adding a bit of sparkle?

  27. I read your comment as “aside from adding a bit of Skittles” and thought “well, you can definitely carry a few Skittles in that”

  28. wait human trafficking allegations??? go on...

  29. Google “Diana Jenkins madam”—they’ve been around for years

  30. This is an old joke that anyone who has attended church with old people has encountered. It’s gross, but buck up, buttercup—she would be accusing a liberal woman of being triggered and taking offense to a woman’s true purpose.

  31. SOOOOOO many single women adopted pits during the pandemic. I SWEAR 30-50% of the women with dogs in their pictures have pitbulls...

  32. Don’t get it twisted—shelters knew there would be an adoption boom and they exploited the shit out of it. Oh, you live alone during quarantine? What about a guard dog to keep you safe in these scary times?

  33. My heart aches for you, because I’ve been there. My phobia extended to all large dogs. It threatened to end a relationship I was very invested in, and frankly, it severely limited my life in very unsafe ways. If I worked myself into a panic just walking from my door to my car, I wasn’t in any shape to actually drive. The phobia was unbearable.

  34. Why is this?? Is it because pit owners are vastly less likely to fix their dog? Just doesn’t make sense why there would be so many of one breed and mixes of that breed.

  35. Backyard breeding. It’s completely out of control with pits because of a lot of factors, ranging from pit owners not giving a fuck about good breeding, to pit propaganda churning out so many lies after Michael Vick, to the explosion of displaced pits after dogfighting raids and Hurricane Katrina. Basically, tons of pits became available due to circumstances beyond our control and backyard breeders saw an opportunity to produce these little mutants to make a buck. And they were right, because these narcissists who don’t even bother to read up on breed temperament for their family dog will pay big bucks for a pit mutt that’s usually inbred.

  36. Lol yes they did they said she’s smoking coke and cigs? It’s a comment or two above mine.

  37. The dick riding is insane. They had him dab in endgame. Thor was playing Fortnite. The MCU is trying way too hard to be “hip”

  38. You already know she’ll step into the superhero role and accept training from Bruce, give me a break

  39. Being about a kid and being childish are different things. The shining was about a kid.

  40. And tbh I don’t want to talk about it on this thread…. Given other conversations it would be full of American exceptionalism and people not willing to do the research to have such a nuanced conversation …

  41. Houston! Big BIG money in Houston because of oil & gas, plus lots of diversity as well. Houston isn't your typical "Southern" city by a long shot.

  42. Military (Marine, Navy, Coast Guard) Wives, Norfolk Virginia... It would be a revolving door with 4-6 year Enlistment dates ending, retirements, change of duty Station.

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