1. Vic Roads cant get any worse can it?

  2. Why are they still there? Fuck off and go home…. There’s a way to make a point and this isn’t it

  3. Can any good coffee Samaritans help me out with what coffee I should order? I lived in thr US for a while and liked getting just a mug full of black coffee and the adding just a lil dash of milk to it.

  4. Same shirty advice comes up every week if you are white middle class middle aged just be polite and you will save yourself all sorts of drama

  5. Is it illegal to ban someone from the platform if they haven't violated your ToS? I would think they could ban whoever they want for whatever reason legally.

  6. It's a civil matter nort illegal exactly (depending on juristriction) you can't be arrested for violating twitters ToS

  7. How are they supposed to prep? Pre-Lube?

  8. Get an ABN to start, although I'm surprised it wasnt always required as they were "independent contractors" according to uber

  9. What does this have to do with conservatives?

  10. What are you planning on doing with this neck?

  11. The only thing that makes sense to me is additional loot starts at 15+

  12. Has the game ever required more then 2 hours a day outside raiding?

  13. It doesn't specifically say how it works across resets. I'm pretty sure that language usually means this reset, I'm more curious if the lockout was somehow permanently tarnished.

  14. on tranfers yes it is, the alt holding the lockout will need to remain on the server (assuming xrelm EP is active not raiding currently)

  15. Then the following week we should be able to extend the lockout on our new server since it's not scrambled by a realm transfer yeah?

  16. Thats the theory, I have never done it myself

  17. Same issues here main screen 1920 1080, trys to play the game on my secondary screen, after switching to main display an image ghosts on the second screen and mouse remains on second screen in menues

  18. Is the guild new? Its taken you months to kill the first half of the raid, the second half is much harder

  19. Did you consider you got benched because its farm and they want to deal with your shit as little as possible?

  20. Left field one, have you consider moving on from raiding?

  21. depends a bit if you are looking to clear or just farm a few early bosses

  22. Seems a bit one sided, ignores any of the benefits

  23. It's be a fine system if it didn't carry over between tiers imo

  24. it may not carry, the system was only introduced in 8.1, carrying the currency for a month or so till the next raid shouldn't be compared to carrying the currency for 6 months between teirs

  25. We had a beam fork into two and one pillar spawn on the stairs and hit the boss

  26. Yes thank you, just wanted to see my guild on the list. We got the slowest kill of all the 2 tanks. I feel the reason for disparity is more due to what tactics are the "norm" and what aren't, its very rare a mythic raiding guild will come up with their own strats and will just follow what others have succeeded with.

  27. No the disparity is because 3 tanking i far easier

  28. 41 kills with 2 tanks in the entire world, Don't do it

  29. Not that any of your advice is wrong, worth noting that his average hit taken is 75k and yours is 95K which will effect the numbers

  30. Yeah like i said its good advise, only effects the numbers

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