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  1. Because, in my opinion, they misunderstand the concept of God and always tie it to religions and to Christianity in particular

  2. The obly thing that comes to my mind is Weird West

  3. You won't get into trouble for signing up there. But, being the most popular social network in post-soviet countries, it undoubtedly is being monitored.

  4. Because of the man's funny appearance and because of the we he chants those words. It's not really that popular tho and is to be forgotten rather soon, I think

  5. I’m assuming the answer to your question is no bro. I also wanted to find different songs and other genres the sound of something like this song from this anime but the only thing I could find is a video called scariest sounds to make on guitar on YouTube. There were some really cool sounds that we’re in the same vein as on the precipice of defeat but I have yet to find a single song in any genre of rock or metal that makes use of a harmonic like this song does

  6. Thank you for the reply, yo. Still haven't found anything like the precipice 👌😩👌

  7. Maybe that's a hint that Sora's gonna be in smash someday🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  8. Even though they both are pretty bad, I can at least defend myself more easily on Reddit than Twitter if in a situation where people are talking dumb. It may cost me some down votes or my opposer down votes, but at the end of the day I defended myself without repercussions.

  9. Unfortunately, I spoiled it to myself long before I tried the game. Even so, the psychodelic reveal scene was extraordinarily stunning.

  10. SoSo? I am sorry but you are gonna need to elaborate on this ship name. Sora and who now?

  11. Well, you know... It's just like... So-so.🗿

  12. Dude why don't you just google about this issue before posting it on reddit... It's a really common problem and there are tons of posts about this.

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