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  1. Long Covid is definitely a thing. My mom has been struggling to recover for the last few months after she kicked the main virus. I never fully recovered from the first infection I had. The brain fog has been constant since I got the infection. I’ve bounced around to a few jobs here and there but I have trouble keeping up with stuff that was easy for me to do before.

  2. I had something similar… then I took the Moderna biavelent booster, it knocked me out hard for a week… but after that I felt better, and the fogginess from an omicron infection several months earlier went away

  3. Yeah, the newest booster helped my mom a lot. I was considering getting it. The virus that caused me my biggest issues was the first one though. The original strain. So I doubt it will do much.

  4. That’s the thing about Jones, he takes stuff that is kinda out there but true then puts his own crazy spin on it. So there’s breadcrumbs of truth mixed in with his crazy.

  5. I would say what midjourney creates is art, the person writing the prompt isn’t an artist. The AI is.

  6. That doesn't really make it better or worse given how any moron can now pretend to be rambo and that person doesn't even have to face any risk of harm in the process.

  7. Then you know there’s going to be questions about who was operating the robot at the time of the questionable shooting.

  8. I find it amusing that the correct explanations are getting downvoted. AI literally samples other people's artwork and photographs. The signatures and watermark artifacts are evidence of this.

  9. Shhhh you’re upsetting all the “AI artists”

  10. 😂😂 they probably work with Reddit to promote these posts. No one is banning them.

  11. Artist here. Went to school for 3D animation and character development, worked as a graphic designer for a while.

  12. Don't let anyone tell you, 'you are not an artist'. You are.

  13. I don’t understand. What about writing prompts for the AI makes you an artist?

  14. It’s great for 2 things. Breaching doors and turning into an SBS.

  15. I was gunna say I've seen this account in Seattle 😂

  16. I enjoy the game. It seems super jank and like runs won’t last as long as 60 seconds but it’s still enjoyable.

  17. How about you give your money to all the people that made you rich, your employees. He’s got roughly 1.3 million employees. He’s worth 124 billion. Even if he only gave away 100 billion, that’s like 75k to each employee.

  18. Give it a top hat and a table and chairs.

  19. Don't evaporate the alcohol out if the tinctures in their container. The alcohol is an essential preservative. Instead, squirt your daily tincture doses into some hot water or tea and let it evaporate for several minutes.

  20. I have to imagine it’s like whiskey. The more empty the bottle the more room for the alcohol to evaporate. It probably won’t disappear but could change the concentration.

  21. Because it’s NIJ certified. Most places send their plates to a third party company and will say it meets NIJ standards. The one says it’s actually certified. That’s a very expensive process and every plate that is certified is usually a lot more expensive as a result.

  22. You had the plague? Where are you located?

  23. So is it more likely the grenade malfunctioned and detonated after firing, or that the grenade was armed too quickly and he hit a wall causing it to detonate? It definitely blew up, just wondering what causes it to blow up too early.

  24. It seems like incoming fire to me. Maybe a rocket. I’ve seen the results of a grande malfunction in a launcher, granted here in the us we don’t get the fun stuff but even when a firework round detonates improperly it results in the gun and hang blowing up.

  25. Did you incorporate a reflection spell or something similar?

  26. Everyone who is capable of critical thinking saw this happening but was written off as conspiracy theorists. The government has massive disinformation centers they use for stuff like this. China and Russia have better ones.

  27. I took out about 60 seconds in the middle where he gave personal info about the women and himself.

  28. Wtf dude… are there any more details? Was he arrested? Restraining order? Anything?

  29. With how fast the ai art technology is moving, it may become impossible for normal people to distinguish any ai photos by some point next year.

  30. We’re going to need an AI that we can use to determine if a photo is made by AI.

  31. Definitely burgundy. Black and red always look good together. Then when you out other tattoos around it the black and red theme is preserved.

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