1. Black panther and get a non gentrified version of history while dropping knowledge on my brothers and sisters so they can better themselves

  2. Realistically I would choose Scarlett witch and superman but the fanboys are telling me with enough time to choose batman πŸ˜‚

  3. Anyone who doesn't say they're rubbing one out is a liar.

  4. Yea I gotta clear my head before I make any rash decisions

  5. Believing my gf when she said the baby is mine so no need for a DNA test... 5 years later no regrets yet

  6. Martin Luther king jr... Him and Anne frank being the same age is crazy

  7. I personally wanted to take a tolerance break. My 90 days is coming up and afterwards I plan on limiting myself to 1 day week and even then a glass of wine

  8. That amount of free play in fine but no more than that

  9. That would be 1way to kill off the human population. Do you know how many teenage boys would be put to death

  10. Her inability to cook. I'm an ok cook and I find it pretty easy but she struggles making basic meals

  11. We were both virgins and didn't do it right so we were very awkward

  12. Downside: they keep a copy of your results and share them with the government

  13. The cheeseburger meal add bacon and bbq sauce buns toasted on both sides Large chili cheese tots and a Dr pepper

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