1. are these clones? Would it be easier to get my first grow starting with these vs seeds? Been smoking over 10 years and finally want to get into growing

  2. This is the best one yet. Who's got something bigger to top this? 🤣🤣🤣

  3. growing from clone is risky business, creates the possibility for lots of unwanted things to be introduced into your garden..

  4. I've been growing from clones for 15 years and never had a problem

  5. I guess men are so awesome that we even win woman of the year?

  6. How long did u re veg for before flipping them again?

  7. More like WCGW if I trust my parents. That guy looks 12

  8. Looks to be in a vegetative phase. You'll need a grow light, nutrients, and lots of patience

  9. I'm no expert. But say u just did a drive by with that thing, would grinding the end of the barrel like that alter the ballistic evidence enough that it would make it more difficult to tie that gun to said crime?

  10. Ya whatever happened to ISIS? They just went away?

  11. Lost mine a month ago. I feel for ya pal. I've cried less for people who have passed in my life

  12. He fought in ww1 so I think he's a little older than that.

  13. Fly to Mexico or Canada and drive across the boarder. Then if need be take a domestic flight to wherever your going within the usa. No vaxx required

  14. If the US borders patrol asks (they are asking now more often) you will be turned away. Just happened 2 days ago. Vax is required, check thier website.

  15. I dunno where you were crossing. But in BC and Alberta they have never asked me once in over a year. Can't see why they would be asking more often now as this scamdemic is pretty much behind us.

  16. Probably perlite from the soil it was likely grown in. Sometimes buds flop over into the soil. A good grower would have kept this out of the bag. It's organic but probably not nice tasting.

  17. Have you done it more than once? Looking to cross by land as well and everyone talking about the entry requirements refers to air travel so it seems like land is a grey area...

  18. Yes multiple times. Never been asked for vaxx status at land crossing

  19. Watch a YouTube video or 3. Many different ways to do it. Get the guts out without puncturing organs or the piss sack is all there is to it really

  20. Easier to fool a person than convince a person that they have been fooled

  21. How long did he hold onto it for? I'm assuming he couldn't let go?

  22. My uncle makes a mean road kill curry

  23. I really hope this tweet is at least 2 years old

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