1. Quite the body, I’m a married 60 yo with exceptional skills visiting Fri - Sun this weekend staying midtown….let’s chat

  2. Great picture composing! Appreciate the effort! Cheers!

  3. You are indeed awesome!! Great story, sexy woman!

  4. I know how to make that shift end properly…yummm

  5. Well, if in the hospital, a delightful shower together and then delicious lovemaking. If at home, all thst and more. You sleep so much better post-coital.

  6. Hey Sweet woman! Feeling for you in times of frustration and pain…life…hope things improve…always look on the bright side of life! 🥰

  7. Enjoy the beauty of you! This surgeon says go for it!

  8. No no no! Never pizza in the shower! Soggy pizza is the worst. The beer looks interesting! Cheers!

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