Welcome To The Machine: Part 2, The Matrix (Cont. 3)

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  1. You don't understand gov't debt my friend. Its not the same as you racking up a credit card. I'm not nearly intelligent enough to explain it, but I promise you, the US can afford it.

  2. The U.S. beating Russia in Ukraine the same way it beat the USSR - by having and spending more money

  3. Quick find another reason to continue flooding ukraine with scam money straight from US taxpayers.

  4. Look at all these little pro war bots and dipshits. Every single comment encouraging a war we can’t win. Goddamn fucking retards

  5. So the best water source for humans to drink just happens to be bottled and sold by massive corporations? Coincidental

  6. One of my favorite all time DDs , just as a huge American history buff

  7. Ukrainians are literally fleeing to Russia lmaoo. You’re washed bud

  8. John Oliver is such a fucking hack no wonder he shows up on shitlib Reddit posts so much

  9. Why Murray acting like a jackass now? No longer a spur so dudes acting as ass all the time

  10. DEBUNK THIS POST. bbby was already up premarket over the half limit, gme wasn’t.

  11. Whether anyone cares enough about this issue to harass him and make him feel like it will be considered when they vote.

  12. It’s not our fucking jobs to. He campaigned on it. Fucking do it, or fucking get the fuck out

  13. What kinda post is this? I’ll vote for no one and laugh at idiots encouraging others to play the partisan game thank you very much.

  14. I actually go out of my way to buy products made in Taiwan. Visited there many times. Its a beautiful country with great friendly people. Also far more honest than Chinese suppliers based on my many business dealings. I really wish the world's democratic nations would recognize that Taiwan is, and historically has been, an independent country.

  15. No, no, sorry, I was laughing, I didn't quite get that. Please, let me catch my breath, and then tell me - how exactly are either Russia or North Korea going to support transporting a force of 100,000 troops from Korea to Crimea (or thereabouts), feed them, equip them, and pay them? Have the Russians and North Koreans ever figure out joint operations on anything like that scale? Are there enough interpreters to allow seamless (or any) communication? Do they understand each other's tactics and command structures? Do their officers respect each other?

  16. You claimed that the poster above you is an idiot. Here, you claim I am a dipshit. Prove it, I say! Prove it to the world! Show us our idiocy/dipshittery! Bring your reason to bear and fire a mighty broadside of logic and facts!

  17. I saw no evidence put for in your response either just a buncha rhetorical questions you think you know the right answer to already lmao. Notice how i never made any claims on the actual story - because i don’t actually know the answer but instead actually approach things with skepticism - unlike every top comment here? I’m responding to the fact the original claim has no substance, and how I’m often times correct about comments coming from bots repeating false info.

  18. It is journalism. You're just not its target audience.

  19. This isn’t journalism. Please don’t confuse journalism for blog posts or tabloids. Jfc

  20. Nice propoganda. I forgot russia doesn’t have cute 6 year olds who can be used for photo ops

  21. The Russian 6 year olds aren't being murdered by Ukrainians. Russian 6 year olds aren't having their homeland destroyed and being kidnapped to Ukraine.

  22. 1 - Prove that’s the actual backstory to this random photograph and 2 - prove Ukrainians children are being targeted.

  23. Ngl I would rather be in the Germany during the war

  24. Hahahaha really? Germany bout to have one of the worst winters ever but okay bud

  25. No, if it starts it will be a culmination of several things. Not one event. Don’t let western media paint your picture for you that it will only be other countries fault.

  26. Someone still had to impregnate a child and that seems to be overlooked.

  27. Hey you got it….. came all the way down to see this, California doesn’t want you to go spend your money in Nevada and Nevada wants you to come in and spend hence the good roads and multiple lanes

  28. Yep interstate commerce is huge in Nevada. Think of the trucks passing thru from and to Cali too

  29. That’s because interstate commerce is a huge revenue stream for the state of Nevada. When i was a firefighter they consistently taught us that on road side fires if we could resolve the issue with closing the interstate that was 99.99999% always preferable. Nevada loses over $1 million per hour when interstates are closed.

  30. Thanks Pelosi! What a legacy! Cue up shitlib douchebags to downvote my comment

  31. The irony of this is that the Soviet Union was pretty pissed about the US's SDI aka the Star Wars program in the 80s, it destabilized mutually assured destruction doctrine which was what both sides were relying on as a preventative.

  32. The only country in history to nuke someone else is scared of getting nuked. How do you Reddit bots not see the irony in your McCarthyism ?

  33. It genuinely pisses me off how pathetic the Nevada concentrate scene is when i see other states with baller jars like this

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