1. Honestly I’m surprised it’s not used by jerkers more since it’s an episode where the boys see Cena vs Edge and decide to do backyard wrestling and they make jokes about Greco Roman being lame and how all people care about is angles and characters

  2. Matt and Trey are goofies confirmed.

  3. Did they forget to crop out the background under Sting's right ear?

  4. That's the least of their worries when it comes to that roster page. Everything is wrapped in some strange gallery blocks, as images - no text, zero accessibility. Assuming a lot of privileged web users.

  5. They should run Sting and Jarrett for the AEW champion at revolution

  6. I'm all for it if it means one last slapnuts run.

  7. It's a big inconvenience when you have to unmount it in the middle of the winter, unhook the wires, and bring it in to charge for a few hours. I had to do it 3 times last winter (and 0 times from April until now).

  8. Apparently the wired version has the same issue.

  9. With a new transformer I don't see that happening.

  10. Why would anybody buy an outdoor product that can’t handle the cold

  11. It wasn't documented at the time. I pre-ordered it at launch last year and then had the nice cold weather surprise months later.

  12. No jerk I'm genuinely shocked that the post is still up.

  13. Didn’t that Thurston guy say Fox might not renew SD, ignoring all signs pointing to a significantly larger contract once their current one expires?

  14. Yeah but he knows how to poorly make a line graph.

  15. He also took the entire table bump.

  16. Adding a disclaimer is a classic "we won't fix it but we'll document it" move.

  17. I've seen this before where I've clicked the wrong smart plug model. Double check that it's looking for the right device in the app.

  18. Honestly I can beat these guys.

  19. Just because you don't like what's happening, doesn't mean there's corruption. Every political journalist spends everyday looking for the big story.

  20. Yup. If there was something more to it, they'd have already published it.

  21. I can see him kinda being like Linda during the attitude era. Come out every now and again on NXT to setup a big match and get a pop from the crowd.

  22. Ah yes, the famous Linda pop.

  23. Petition to make Thurston the new less-than-a-mil forehead post.

  24. You really nailed the key demo look lol.

  25. V1 of OSW fame has the theory that Tony Khan had two years worth of fantasy booking in his head, and now he has no idea of what to do.

  26. He probably used up the two years worth in about 5 months.

  27. WFH is causing all this when a Toronto salary can choose to live in small towns and stay at home 5 days a week. Open things up and at least the high prices will be limited to city centres.

  28. I would basically do the exact opposite of all of that lol.

  29. I wonder how long until Tony takes to the ring to challenge for the AEW championship in a 6 vs 1 handicap match that he wins.

  30. It's a logical progression in the speed run.

  31. I really worry about what the future is going to look like for my kids.

  32. I’ve said this before but if I was the owner of a company with access to even a moderate advertising budget, astroturfing places like Reddit and Twitter would by far be the best value for money.

  33. There's still a strong argument to be made for them being weirdos who like things like chocolate pro and Joshi promotions that no one's ever heard of.

  34. What's funny about a mod posting that is, if you said he botched it at the time, you'd have likely got a ban for trolling

  35. There would 100% be a market for that, though.

  36. With a G2 yes you're boned, but they might not check at renewal.

  37. They're driving a Dodge Caliber, that says it all. The stickers are irrelevant.

  38. Dodge vs Hyundai/Kia for cars no one wants to own, battle.

  39. If your entire personality is your political opinion and it's completely obsessive to this point, you should talk to someone. This isn't just unhealthy, this is spiraling.

  40. Have you seen all the Doug posts here every day?

  41. Which high school gym is this?

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